Advantages of Using Electric Wheelchair byan Individual

The invention of a wheelchair has been a blessing for people who cannot walk on their own due to some disability. The wheelchair as an invention has given hope and a beam of light to people who can no longer help themselves.

Currently, in the market, there are two types of wheelchairs: One is the traditional one which needs a second person to push it always and the second one is the latest one in the market, it is the electric wheelchair (วีลแชร์ไฟฟ้า, which is the term in Thai).

Advantages of Using a Wheelchair:

Very recently, people have started shifting their preferences to the electric wheelchair since the time it has come to the market. Here are some of the ways which highlight why people now prefer electronic wheelchair over the traditional one:

1. No Extra Help Required:

Unlike in the traditional wheelchair which is without the battery one, a second person is required to always push the wheelchair and take the disabled person from one place to the other.

The person sitting on the wheelchair becomes very dependent on others as he or she cannot move the wheelchair on their own. With the new wheelchair in town, which has a battery; the person sitting on the wheelchair does not need to be dependent on anyone. That person can run the wheelchair on its own and move it as per the convenience.

2. Comfortable Seats:

The electric wheelchair has very comfortable seating. It is specially designed in such a way that the person sitting on the wheelchair can sit for hours and move, and he or she will never feel uncomfortable.

This is one of the USPs of using this wheelchair. The person on the wheelchair does not feel the need to get up time and again to feel comfortable; the person is already in a very relaxed mode which utmost comfort.

Due to its convenience and extra comfort, electric wheelchairs have started been using in various hospitals and schools as well. Initially, wheelchairs were meant for people who suffer from Polio. However, now, things have changed and advance. Wheelchairs are now used by people with much diversified physical disabilities such as obesity, paraplegia, paralyses, arthritis, spine bifida, and various other illness.

Individuals suffering from these disabilities themselves prefer to choose an electric wheelchair which has been a great help for them in travelling from one place to the other without anybody’s support.