Take Advantage of Our Senior Care Franchise Opportunity in Syracuse New York

Those aged 65 and older are part of a group of people in this country that is growing quickly. It is estimated that their numbers will grow to 88.5 million before 2050, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, and the 2010 estimate was only 40.2 million. Additionally, about 70 percent of people in this age group will require long-term care services. The market for providing care for them is increasing, and, to create a strong business in this industry, it is a good idea to take advantage of our senior care franchise opportunity in Syracuse New York.

Our proven business model allows you to create a strong, stable business by empowering families with knowledge to make the right choice for long-term care for their family members. You have the opportunity to operate the business from your home office, and this empowers you to pay low overhead. The work is personally gratifying as you’re supporting people in a rough time, but it can also support you, too.

Our management team understands our customer base and has a strong understanding of the market and industry. We want to be the best assisted living, dementia, and residential care placement service in the field. With superior service to our clients via our franchisees, partners, suppliers, and corporate office, we have created and maintained a stellar reputation.

You will meet the staff members of several elder care service providers as a franchisee. You’ll research them thoroughly to learn which are among the best. When you meet with individual clients, you will help them decide on the right care for their loved ones after you talk with them about their needs. Additionally, you’ll go with them on tours of the facilities they want to see, facilitate paperwork, follow up after the move-in, and you’ll answer questions about resources.

For the process of setting up and running your business, we provide training, support, and marketing assistance to help your business thrive. You’ll be the best elder care resource by offering compassionate and knowledgeable service to every client. You’ll be with them every step of the way, just like we will be with you whenever you need us.

Take advantage of our senior care franchise opportunity in Syracuse New York, and you’ll be making a smart investment in your future as you guide people in your community through a difficult time in their lives.