Steps you need to take to clear a Hair Follicle Drug Test

Maybe you are applying for your dream job or for some reason you have found out that you need to pass a follicle drug screening to land that dream job. The big question is, “What’s next?” First thing you need to remember is that you can pass it with flying colors, so do not freak out or panic. Panicking or freaking out will not help you with this problem. Instead of panicking or freaking out, here are some things you need to do to pass the screening test.

To know more about how to pass a hair drug test with the best detox shampoo, you can check out websites, blog posts or forums for more information. You just need to make sure that you know the difference between fake and legitimate information because, in today’s digital age, it is very difficult to distinguish which one is fake and which one is genuine.

Avoid using illegal drugs immediately

It may sound so obvious, but the first thing you need to do is avoid illegal drugs at all cost. You are only adding to your problems at this point. Stop using and you need to start letting your body naturally detoxify. It will take at least seven to ten days for your hair below your scalp to grow out of your scalp.

You are actually better off avoiding illegal substance for a day or two before your scheduled hair follicle drug screening than not stopping and getting some quality and clean growth to submit to the testing laboratories or clinics. The goal here is to give a sample that is drug-free as possible. You need to start working on with cleansing your follicles for the drug screening.

Know more about how to pass a follicle test

It is considered as one of the most challenging parts of taking control of the follicle screening. There is so much information as well as misinformation available on the internet today, and most of them can’t be distinguished from each other.

If you know and understand everything about this topic, it is easier to figure out your chances when it comes to passing a hair drug test. One of the most surprising pieces of knowledge that people can find out about this testing method for cannabis is that a lot of people have a good chance to beat it while doing nothing at all.

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Delay the scheduled screening

Delaying when to submit the sample is the easiest and the most effective ways of passing a follicle test. It makes a lot of sense because if there is no sample to test, the laboratory can’t fail you. If the screening goes back three months or 90 days, the closer you get to that window with a clean system, the higher the chances you can pass the screening, it is that simple.

If you need to pass with flying colors as a part of pre-employment requirements, you have a lot of ways to delay the test, and it is only a matter of you doing creative stuff to postpone the inevitable. One of the favorite technique is to draw out the hiring process if you know that the company you are applying will subject you to a stringent follicle screening and you are not sure if you can pass it or not.

When the company asks you to come back for a follow-up interview on Monday, you can tell them that you are out of town or you need to attend to a family issue and get it delayed until next week. You just bought yourself a week to cleanse your system. Another opportunity that a lot of people overlook when it comes to postponing the test is when they are still negotiating with the company.

You passed all the necessary interviews, and the company sends you to the next step, which is the job offer. Unfortunately, they will only give you the job if you pass a follicle drug examination. Now, it is time to delay the process a little bit by going hard on the negotiation.

You can negotiate your salary, job title, start date, or some ridiculous things you can think of. You can also buy some time by asking the company to clarify certain provisions of their offer like the start of the health benefits, how 401k works or the conversion of sick and vacation leaves. You need to take advantage of all the opportunities to delay the test. Buy yourself at least one to three weeks, so you can cleanse your system with any drug components or metabolites.

You need to know your clean time

A huge factor in whether or not you will pass the screening is how much cleaner sample you need to submit. To know your clean time, take the date of your last known drug use and ad seven to ten days for that. As we mentioned before, it will take more or less seven to ten days for your hair to surface from your follicles.

If you smoked a joint today, the contaminated hair would not have emerged from your cortex for five to 10 days or so. At this time, you know when is your clean time is. Everything else that you do should take your clean time into consideration. If you smoked some cannabis exactly forty days ago and you subtract ten days from that, it means that you have a 30-day window to submit a clean sample.

And since you needed 90 days for your body to detoxify the illegal substance components out of your system, this will give you all the knowledge that you need to delay the screening enough to have that 90-day window for a clean sample.

Knowledge is important

If you are interested in assessing the risk factors or what you need to do if you are in a high-risk category, you need to read a lot of reading material about how to pass a follicle screening.


As soon as you find out that the company you are applying at is subjecting you to a test as a pre-employment requirement, you have to take charge of your situation and take immediate actions. You can’t pass a drug screening by panicking praying and freaking out. The sooner you act on this, the better your chances in defeating this method.