Worthy Advantages of Tooth Implant Surgery

Dental implants offer a successful and advanced solution for replacing missing or damaged teeth. This involves using highly sophisticated equipment and devices to insert an artificial tooth into the jawbone, miming the natural tooth root and structure. The implant, typically made of titanium material, is a sturdy foundation for the lifelike dental crown and can also support a real dental bridge. As explained by a trusted Vancouver dental implants specialist, with this treatment, patients can eat and speak just as they would with natural teeth without feeling any different or need to adjust their behavior. While the color of the implant may differ from natural teeth, there are numerous benefits to choosing dental implants over all other tooth replacement options, which we will outline below.

Vancouver dental implants specialist

What Is an Implanted Tooth?

Dental implants are a replacement option that offers a stable base for an artificial tooth that closely resembles a natural tooth. These implants are surgically applied into the jawbone, replicating the function of natural tooth roots. Dental implants are professionally designed to blend in with natural teeth in terms of appearance and offer several advantages over other dental restorative methods. For example, dental implants do not harm surrounding natural teeth and can provide greater convenience. While they may be costly than other options, dental implants are considered safe and effective. They require a minor surgical procedure but can look, feel, and function like real teeth with proper care. This exceptional dental treatment is often recommended for patients with one or more lost teeth, a fully developed jawbone with sufficient bone for implantation, no medical conditions that could interfere with bone healing, a preference for fixed solutions over removable dentures, and a willingness to undergo a longer treatment process. In general, anyone with healthy gums and enough bone to support a dental implant and who is healthy enough to undergo required oral surgery or tooth extraction can consider this option.

Top Benefits

Dental implants come with a range of valuable benefits, which include the following:

– Enhancing Speech: 

Unlike dentures, dental implants do not slip and cause speech difficulties, which makes speaking easier and more natural.

– Increasing Comfort:

Because implants become a part of the body, they eliminate the discomfort that typically comes with dentures.

– Improving Eating Ability:

Dentures can make it challenging to bite and chew, while dental implants function like natural teeth, making it easy to enjoy a wide range of foods.

– Boosting Self-Esteem: 

Dental implants can enhance the smile’s appearance, leading to increased self-confidence. 

Vancouver dental implants specialist

The Best Time to Undergo Implant Surgery

It is crucial to understand that the replacement of missing teeth cannot begin immediately after the loss of permanent teeth. The jawbone requires time to heal correctly before implant surgery can be performed. Experienced dental professionals will not proceed with implant surgery immediately after tooth extractions. Instead, they will wait until the area has healed sufficiently before scheduling an appointment for implant fixtures. Local anesthesia will be administered during the surgery to numb the site, ensuring that the patient remains comfortable and pain-free. Following the insertion of the titanium devices, a lengthy healing process is required to allow the jawbone to bond properly with the metal components and begin to grow around them. Once the bonding process is complete, another visit is necessary to apply the abutments on the implants, which will eventually be covered with crowns by highly skilled dental practitioners.