Dental Emergency for Special Patients

Dentistry requires special and emergency care for patients with certain diseases, such as dialysis, kidney transplants, hemophilia, heart problems, kidney problems, thalassemia, and multiple sclerosis (MS). In these cases, dentistry should be done in such a way that the patient is more comfortable with his problems and also reduces the risk of serious complications.

According to a dentist at Elmwood Park Dental, for patients on dialysis, care should be taken to monitor the health of the teeth and gums and prevent infections, as dialysis can weaken the immune system. For kidney transplant patients, it is also important to have dental work done carefully to reduce potential problems, including infections.

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In the case of hemophilia, heart, kidney problems, and thalassemia patients, it is important to pay attention to creating a dental care plan. In these patients, oral bleeding may have serious risks and, therefore, should be treated with care and caution.

Dental care is also important for patients with multiple sclerosis (MS). People with MS may have mobility problems and need special assistance to perform dental care.

Dentists who specialize in providing services to patients with specific diseases can provide the best care and solutions to maintain and improve the health of teeth and mouth. Therefore, for patients with these diseases, it is important to see a specialist dentist so that their dental problems can be controlled and improved. These types of patients need a dental clinic for special patients to perform dental work such as tooth extraction, nerve extraction, surgery, etc.

Dentistry of MS Patients

Unfortunately, some movement restrictions in patients with MS always become an obstacle to taking preventive measures to prevent dental caries. Dry mouth is one of the side effects of some of the drugs used by these patients, which can increase the process of dental caries and Accelerate gum infections. People with MS need special conditions to stay in the dental unit, which creates the need for special equipment and units for these people.

Dentistry of Cancer Patients

Since cancer treatment can affect the tissues of the oral cavity, there should be enough information about possible side effects and necessary precautions during and before treatment. Existing and untreated diseases of the oral cavity can make treatment conditions more complicated. Oral side effects caused by cancer, depending on the person’s body and the type of treatment, can appear in different forms and intensities. Chemotherapy usually causes bone marrow dysfunction. Receiving expert advice from an emergency dentist during chemotherapy and accurate and error-free treatment of dental problems is one of the necessities of this group.

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Dentistry for the Physically and Mentally Disabled

About these patients, due to the inability to observe their oral and dental hygiene, they often suffer from caries and other oral and dental problems. Even if the best treatments are done, it will not last long if hygiene is not followed. In cases where the cooperation of the patient is low or in cases of complete lack of cooperation, as well as in cases where multiple and advanced treatments are needed, these patients can often be treated under general anesthesia. Many patients who have both physical and mental retardation have cardiovascular problems, shortness of breath, brain lesions, and systemic diseases that should be considered, and emergency dental treatments should be performed for them with minimal risk.