Who Prescribes Herbal Medicine Products?

While drinking an infusion for better digestion or a peaceful night’s sleep is a priori without risk, the regular and intensive use of plants requires the advice of a specialist.

Knowing the plants to combine, not prescribing those which have contrary effects and, when formulating, knowing how to preserve the properties of plants are the roles of the phytotherapist.

Phytotherapy: A Medical Non-Specialty

Phytotherapy is not recognized as a medical specialty. Phytotherapists are therefore general practitioners who have followed postgraduate training, in a faculty which provides specialized training in phytotherapy leading to a diploma, or in a private institution. Herbalists are therefore quite rare for this reason.

The Council of the Order of Physicians specifies that unlike homeopathy and acupuncture, there is no need to mention herbal medicine on the plate or the prescriptions; herbal medicine being part of the allopathy.

The Patient’s Field In Phytotherapy

According to the phytotherapist, a disease does not occur without reason. It is often the sign of an imbalance in the way of living, of eating, of taking care of oneself. The abuse of food, alcohol, drugs, lack of exercise or sleep are the main causes of dysfunction.

It is, therefore, very likely that the Hua Laksiam dealer (ฮั้วลักเซียมตัวแทนจำหน่าย, which is the term in Thai) will focus on these questions to determine the context on which the affection is installed. Indeed, faced with an attack, the body initiates actions to compensate, slow down or, more rarely, facilitate the progress of the disease.

Choosing The Right Herbal Medicine Treatment

Once diagnosed, the doctor determines the most appropriate treatment. He can opt for an association between plants and allopathic treatment. If you are already taking medication, he will study the degree of compatibility between it and his prescriptions.

He chooses the form in which the plant should be taken and determines the daily doses. He can recommend either a preparation to make yourself in the form of herbal tea or decoction, or ready-to-use preparations. Sometimes, the phytotherapist prescribes preparations that the pharmacist makes in his pharmacy. These are mainly capsules containing dry extracts or powders.