Sport And Breast Enlargement Are Incompatible?

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Many people think that when carrying out a breast augmentation operation, it is convenient that the practice of the sport is reduced indefinitely. There are even those who believe that you should not do too intense an exercise that could “dislodge” breast implants from their place. Nothing is further from reality.

Physical exercise is a necessary practice to take care of our body, as well as food and adequate rest. These habits must be constant in our day to day to lead a healthy life. This will not only make us feel better inside but also make our body look physically healthier and younger.

So Can You Do Sports After A Chest Operation?

The answer is yes. Our physical condition can help us recover from any surgery, including breast augmentation. It is advisable to practice sports both before and after Breast augmentation in Yanhee hospital (เสริมหน้าอก ยันฮี, which is the term in Thai). However, it must be done once the body has fully recovered from it and when our surgeons deem it appropriate.

Once the surgery has been performed, rest is strictly necessary for the first 4 to 7 days. It is not advisable to carry out physical exercise during the first month after the intervention since healing must be adequate to avoid any complications.

Once the stitches have been removed, the surgeon is the one who will assess the postoperative recovery. He will be the one to indicate the ideal time to practice sports again and what type of activity is perfect to start physical activity.

The usual thing is that around three or four weeks after the breast augmentation operation, sports can be carried out traditionally, incorporating progressively. We must bear in mind that our body has changed to the process, so the return to physical exercise should be gradual, without great effort the first days.

Little Recommended Sports

On the other hand, it depends on the type of sport that is carried out; the waiting period must be longer or shorter. For example, running normally will not be convenient to practice for at least the first month or month and a half after the operation, since any exercise that involves a direct impact on the ground can be harmful.

The same happens with aerobics, horse riding, tennis or racquet sports, etc. It is also advisable not to gain significant weight, so you have to be careful with sports that involve weight training. Also, it is essential when you return to doing sports after a breast augmentation, to use the right sports bra that prevents the breast from swinging.

Bodybuilding Exercises

About muscle-building exercises, after a submuscular breast augmentation operation, intense exercise can cause the implants to shift and slightly worsen the aesthetic result, so the waiting time should be a little longer.

Furthermore, it is more advisable for elite athletes to place the prosthesis subfascial (if the constitution of the patient allows it). It is essential to talk to your surgeon about the type of sport that is practised and how often, so that he can recommend the best time to resume the activity.