What Strains Help with the Symptoms of Alzheimer’s?

CBD is a useful component of medicinal cannabis that has positive effects in the treatment of the symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s. CBD is non-psychoactive in nature, making it ideal for people who want to experience the benefits of cannabis without achieving a psychoactive reaction. It is effective in treating conditions such asinflammation and chronic pain, as well as epilepsy and other debilitating neurological disorders. But, despite the usefulness of CBD, strains suitable for Alzheimer’s buck the system and you should focus on selecting a strain that has a high concentration of THC and a lower concentration of CBD.

Electric Kool Aid (Hybrid

If you are looking for a daytime strain for your Alzheimer’s symptoms, Electric Kool Aid is an excellent choice. This strain is packed with flavor, and is a 60-40 sativa Indica hybrid that mimics the therapeutic benefit of the Purple Diesel strain. The sativa influence of the strain allows you to have a welcome uplift in your mental state, while the Indica influence helps to relax your body.

Dutch Dragon

Dutch Dragon is a Sativa that comes highly recommended from industry professionals who specialise in treatment solutions for Alzheimer’s. This is quite a strong THC concentrated strain, so it is recommended that you build up a tolerance to THC before using this strain long term.The fruitful flavors are very impressive, making it a joy to use. You will notice and appreciate the long-lasting and often intense high that accompanies the strain. Dutch Dragon can lift your mood, eliminating any feelings of depression,whilst retaining your mental alertness.

Acapulco Gold

Acapulco Gold is actually quite a popular recreational cannabis strain, and it offers a fantastic uplifting high to its users, making them feel more sociable and energetic. These benefits are also welcome for Alzheimer’s sufferers. It also offers excellent pain relieving qualities, thanks to its excellent 25% THC concentration. This is an excellent strain to choose if you are looking for a strain to be a great all-rounder.

Lavender Haze

If you are looking for a daytime strain that is a Sativa, Lavender Haze is a great strain to go with. It offers balanced and gentle effects, whilst relieving some of the more troublesome symptoms of Alzheimer’s. The euphoria on offer from this strain is intense and long lasting, thanks to the medium to high THC concentration. The high achieved is quite welcome with this strain.

For more information on selecting the best strain for your Alzheimer’s symptoms, we would recommend that you consult your local dispensary who would be able to help you select a strain that is ideal for your own needs. You can search for your nearest dispensary using the dispensary near me tool.