Can Caramel Cream Be Used for Treating Anxiety?

It has been suggested on numerous sources recently that Caramel Cream could be an ideal strain for treating anxiety. It is counted as one of the best-selling auto flower seeds on seed providers such as Anubis Seeds, and for good reason. Many people love the awesome caramel taste that accompanies this strain, making it a pleasure to use and enjoy.

There is also an earthy undertone to the flavour which you’ll either love with a passion or despise. For the record, I love it! If you have ever had the BlueBlack strain, it is similar to that. The Caramel Cream Auto Strain is made from a cross between BlueBlack and White Rhino, as well as Maple Leaf Indica. You will notice that the strain is covered in a dusting of THC resin. There is certainly something about this strain which sets it apart from the others.

What are the Effects of the Strain?

As soon as you use the strain for the first time, you will quickly notice the air of relaxation that graces over your body. This is not only a physical relaxation, but also a mental relaxation. This makes the strain perfect for sufferers of long term conditions such as anxiety, depression and chronic pain.

It is also quite effective for sufferers of ADHD. Anecdotal evidence seems to suggest that they appear more focussed, making it easier for sufferers to concentrate on their daily tasks. Many users report that there are also less side effects compared to traditional treatment for this condition. The high levels of the psychoactive THC contribute to this change. Therefore, we would recommend that you build up some level of tolerance to THC before using the strain for the first time.

It is thought that this strain came from Sweet Seeds, who are renowned famous Spanish seed merchant. But, there are other seed merchants who have created their own version. One example is Royal Queen Seeds, who have released “Royal Caramel”.

For growing, a likely harvest time depends on whether you grow the strain indoors or outdoors. If you plan to grow indoors, you will likely see an 8-week harvest time, which is pretty good, even for an autoflowering strain such as this. Our top tip is not to give your little plants too much water if they are grown inside, as this can have a detrimental impact on the level of growth of the plants. To prevent over watering, it is important that you only water the plants when the soil is bone dry.

Make sure you also consider the soil you use. Caramel Cream tends to like soil that is sandy, rather than clay like. Not a lot of nutrient attention should be paid, which can be a blessing, so a good soil choice we would recommend is “Light Mix”.

Have a go at growing Cream Caramel and see if this is the strain for you. For a full range of seeds for sale, check out