The phase when a person stays devoid of hair while suffering from hair loss could be highly distressing as it is one of the most important enhancing factor for one’s beauty and looks. People opting for hair transplant are often worried for long term stability of the results as they do not want to relive that distressing phase. 

Regarding hair transplant people still have many misconceptions and ideas which hinder their decision of undergoing hair transplant. People are often concerned about the after effects of hair transplant as they are unaware of the complete procedure. 

To clear the doubt firstly hair transplant is a restoration procedure which involves shifting of hair from back and side of the head (donor area) to the recipient area. It is not capable of generating new hair follicles on the bald area and is not a regeneration procedure. It needs a lot of expertise and experience to deliver best, natural and permanent results by hair transplant with long term benefits. Strong decision making regarding choice of techniques and expert surgical skills are required for successful outcome of hair transplant. 

Long term benefits of hair transplant procedure are as follows:

    1. Natural and permanent results: Temporary solutions like wig often gives fake appearance and exhaustion of using it on routine basis. Hair transplant is a solution to this problem as it delivers permanent results with no hassle. Including, if performed by an expert clinician with artistic skills the results you obtain looks purely natural. It is of utmost importance to maintain proper angulations while transplanting follicular grafts in the frontal area and temporal triangles to achieve natural look. In addition, the hair should follow a natural pattern in the frontal line rather than linearly arranged which often gives wig like appearance. 
    2. Hair for lifetime: Yes, if the procedure is performed judiciously and the hairs are extracted from the safe area you can surely attain hair on the bald area for lifetime. Safe area includes the occipital area (back and side of the head) where the hair follicles are androgen insensitive and do not undergo thinning unlike hair from frontal and vertex area which are androgen sensitive and undergo thinning and finally hair loss. If due to overharvesting violation of safe zone occurs the credibility of results could be on halt. 
    3. Multiple sittings could be performed:  It is important to take the decision judiciously regarding choice of the technique and amount of graft extraction in one session. This decision decides the future benefits of hair transplant as if the procedure is performed by FUT or combination method you will surely have option of multiple sittings in future if required. Hence, the choice of technique should be chosen as per the suggestion of expert surgeon with farsighted approach.

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