Volunteer Abroad Trips For Groups Including School Students And Families

Organizing a meaningful volunteer abroad experience is probably the best choice in the vacation that may be with your group of friends or family members. A Broader View Volunteers, being the leading most organizers of the abroad medical mission trips, has a number of programs which will not only engage you in social service but also provide you the immense knowledge from different aspects in third world countries like Asia, South America, Central America, and Africa. This organization has already supported hundreds of groups from all around the world with pre-planned social projects in chosen places where people are most in need of help.

Special programs for groups

  • For 5 or more volunteers in a group: – If you are having a group of your school friends those who are interested in spending the vacation abroad as Volunteers, then a list of programs including Alternative Spring trips, Service learning trips led by faculty, medical and dental brigades. Family volunteering and language immersion tours are provided. All these programs also uphold the highest level of flexibility, commitment and safety to provide convenience to our volunteers.
  • Medical missions: – Under this program, people in desperate need of basic amenities are supported such as refugees, war-torn area, natural disaster affected areas and areas that are facing medical aid crisis. The short term mission placements in such places are like an internship for a group of students who can get a chance to assist the medical staffs in real time.
  • Family travel: – This program is for all the families those who want to make their vacation meaningful. Besides traveling together and participating in social services, family volunteer programs can provide immense knowledge to the kids for their future.