Best Choices From the fertility Specialists

Girl or boy, few couples are totally indifferent to the sex of their future baby. Especially if the previous children are only girls or, conversely, only boys thenthe legends, diets, positions and intensity of relationships … what are these methods that ensure that one can choose the sex of his baby? Inventory is the answer.

Girl or Boy: Techniques to Predict Baby’s Sex

You are ready to embark on the mad adventure of motherhood. But deep inside you, your heart is already leaning towards a little girl or boy. There is always, even unconsciously, a preference between one of the two sexes. So why not try to influence Mother Nature? There are many techniques, more or less reliable, to try to define the sex of his child. So, do we give fate a little help? With the gender selection ivf you can choose the best deal now.

Wacky beliefs

Making love at the full moon would favor the design of a little girl. On the other hand, to have a boy, one would have to pinch very hard the left testicle during the sexual act. The hotter it is, the more likely we are to bring up a little guy. The Chinese calendar would also give the design days conducive to the determination of each sex. The legends for choosing the sex of baby are not lacking.

The diet girl or boy: the method of Doctor

Did you know that mineral inputs could influence baby’s sex? Several studies have shown that certain eating habits will change vaginal substances and the path of sperm. By following a girl or boy diet, a woman could choose the sex of her baby. It’s your turn.

Natural methods

The determination of the sex would depend on the precise moment when one makes the love, that is to say either before, or the same day of the ovulation. Similarly, the position and intensity of the relationship would influence the sex of the child. So there are many natural methods to choose the sex of your baby, within the reach of all. The fertility specialist is the best deal.

The method

97% is the success rate of this technique. Here, no miracle diets, no medicine, the method is based on a correlation between menstrual cycle and calendar date.

The biorhythms method

The determination of the sex of Baby would be a matter of biological rhythm. According to the emotional and physical biorhythms of the woman, the egg would attract either spermatozoa X or spermatozoa Y. The method of biorhythms allows knowing the day’s most favorable to the conception of a girl and those to the conception of a boy.

SIn theory, it is indeed possible to select “male” and “female” spermatozoa using genetic techniques. X sperm have more DNA than Y sperm, so they are heavier than Y’s, so you can easily sort them. This is the Ericsson method, named after the scientist who discovered it. Sorting of spermatozoa occurs either on cell sorters or on serum albumin gradient columns. Then, artificial insemination is carried out to give birth to a boy or a girl. The precision of this technique still leaves something to be desired and is better suited to the selection of girls. In the United States, dozens of specialized clinics in the PMA offer prenatal sex selection from sperm sorting.