Top Food Items and Vitamins That Aids in Enhancing and Maintaining Best Skin Quality

Healthy food habit is mandatory for a healthy mind, body, and skin. Many of you complain about oily skin and acne, which is one of the worst enemies of the skin. If you are using organic skincare products, then you will definitely experience improvement in skin quality. But the transformation is not possible unless you change the diet. Some of the foods that you eat might be triggering oil secretion and sebum formation, leading to more pimples. So don’t ignore the role of nutrition in maintaining glowing skin. 

  1. Avocados

When you plan to intake healthy fats, avocados come at the top of the list. Fats are always harmful to the skin as some also help in maintaining the skin’s health. As your age increases, the skin seems to loos flexibility and softness. Some of you use the creams and lotions from a young age to maintain the softness. 

But there is no need to use chemical skincare products if you have some natural source like Avocados. Avocados can even protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. So your skin will show lesser wrinkles and other signs of aging on eating the avocados. 

  1. Vitamin A

The external and internal layers of the dermis need Vitamin A. The vitamin is essential to prevent sun damage to the skin. When your skin gets exposed to the UV rays of the sun, the collagen breakdown begins, and Vitamin A can interrupt the damage by playing the role of an antioxidant. Although you should never think that adding Vitamin A to your diet is enough to stop using sunscreen, it will definitely prevent sunburns and boost the function of the oil glands near the skin hair follicles. If you have some deep cuts, the vitamin will accelerate the healing procedure. 

  1. Fatty fish

Salmon, herring, and mackerels are some of the fatty fishes that contribute significantly to healthy skin. These fishes have a high content of Omega-3 fatty acid content, which is beneficial to the dermal layers. 

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  • Signs of aging appear as the skin loses moisture with age. Continuous hydration is necessary, and the Omega-3 fatty acid is the right source of moisturization, which helps maintain the thick and supple skin. You will suddenly suffer from dry skin issues if your body is experiencing a deficit in Omega-3 fatty acid levels. 
  • The fish oil supplements can be the best natural food for psoriasis as it helps to fight autoimmune conditions of the skin like psoriasis and lupus also. 
  • Vitamin E present in the fatty fish is an important antioxidant to the skin. The free radicals are responsible for various skin problems. If there is sufficient Vitamin E in your body, the antioxidants can easily absorb the free radicals and protect the skin from inflammation as well. 
  • Fish is also the source of zinc in your body. The nutrient plays a vital role in the regulation of new dermal cell production, the overall health of skin, and inflammation. The deficiency of zinc will cause lesions, inflammation, and you will take more time to recover from the wounds. 
  1. Green tea

Aging is the ultimate problem of most women, and you tend to use a variety of anti-aging creams with the hope of minimizing the wrinkles and fine lines that appear on your face and neck as you approach the 40s. Catechins present in green tea can do a miracle in improving the overall health of your skin. 

  • It contains antioxidants that help in protecting the skin from the direct rays of the sun.
  • If you make it a habit to drink green tea every day, you can avoid the redness that appears due to exposure to sunlight. 
  • Moisturizes skin internally to prevent the rough surface feel and retains the elasticity of the skin.

But do not mix it with milk as milk can hinder the effect of the antioxidants present in green tea.

  1. Red grapes

If you like to eat red grapes, the fruit will be even more delicious now once you know about the effect on your skin. Resveratrol is a compound present in the red grapes responsible for reducing the signs of aging on the skin. You can find the same compound in red wine too. But a glass of wine does not contain a sufficient amount of the compound that can improve the skin texture. You can increase the intake of berries and red grapes that will help in maintaining healthier skin. 

  1. Tomatoes

The round red tomatoes are one of the richest sources of Vitamin C with carotenoids, which include Lycopene. If you read the popular best healthy skin blogyou will come to know about the sun protection feature of the tomatoes due to containing Lycopene, carotene, and Lutein. These also minimize wrinkling of the skin and maintain the glow. If you can pair it up with fat sources like cheese and olive oil, the result will be magical.