As beach season is coming around the corner everybody is getting ready, getting into shape, eating healthier to look a certain way, and tanning. Don’t get me started on the tanning, everyone outside basking in the sun until they look like a hot potato. Or going to a bunch of different places and getting spray tans, or laying down in tanning beds. I mean not only are they harmful, but they won’t last that long, and can be expensive. People would also try melanotan ii, which is an injection used for tanning. But all these methods will only do damage to the body. It would be better to stay the colour that you are and not change anything. I mean these methods could have some serious side affects. So it’s better not to engage in it. 

What is the injection? 

This is a chemically enhanced drug which was used to mimic hormones, what it will do is enter into the bloodstream and increase the production of melanin in your body, the more melanin the faster it will work. There are two types, known as M1 and M2, here we are considering M2. Even though both of them are used for the same purpose M2 is capable of increasing the speed of the process. So you will be able to get results faster. The dosage will depend on your skin colour type, so the more fair you are the more you have to up the dosage and so on. 

Are there side effects?

There will definitely be side effects when using melanotan ii, after all it is a drug that you are injecting in to your body. It will play with your hormones and adjust them to assist the drug. Since your bodies aren’t familiar with this it will try to get rid of it somehow. So you will definitely experience nausea and vomiting. Also you will also have more of a hot flushed face, an increased sex drive, and so on. These however are only short term, you will experience it during the first few times. However there are more serious long term ones such as a formation of serious skin cancer, discolouration of nails, and so on. So when you think about it it’s not worth it. 

Is it illegal?

 With all the side effects that are there you must be wondering if it’s illegal for not, I mean it sure has to be right? Well yes in most countries it is illegal to sell and supply the drug, it is illegal in the US, Australia and the UK. However in the UK there is no law against consumers buying it. It was made illegal as it was dangerous, and could result in heart disease.