The Right Choices for the Right  Food Supplement

Power is a very delicate subject for many people and many men face these problems. Whether it is erectile dysfunction, limited erection duration or premature ejaculation, and even reduced libido, these problems can occur at any age. In addition to implementing a healthy lifestyle and consulting a specialist doctor, the power pills that you must choose correctly are recommended.

In this sense, the fact that in the last years the TV commercials for medicines and food supplements have multiplied a lot and become quite ridiculous and disturbing, it puts me in the thoughts. It is a clear sign to me that in the middle there is a lot of money and that the pharmaceutical industry is a very profitable one, and this smells of economic interests. A visit to australia will offer the best option here for you.

Here are some articles in which we will see each vitamin in part with everything that is important to know about it.


Treatment with medicines for erectile problems will be done with the help of very strong active compounds such as Viagra. You must also consider the possible adverse effects. Because it is about the pills of power for transient problems or that do not have an important medical cause and about the improvement of the sexual activity, we will discuss about the pills that you have access to without a prescription.

All are herbal and are called dietary supplements. Even if they have fewer side effects compared to drug treatments, there are some disadvantages. There is no guarantee that these products will bear fruit and even if they are composed only plants can cause allergies or problems with overdose.


Because it is about supplements and adjuvants, they can be formulated at the discretion of the manufacturer and do not have to meet certain standards. But there are some plants recognized for action in problems with male potency and are based on studies. For example, red ginseng is a wonderful plant proven in erection problems. L arginine is also an amino acid with an effect on the production of nitric oxide that dilates blood vessels.

Epimedium is a plant called also the grass of the tap that does the same thing. RhodiolaRosea is also a plant with proven effects in sexual stimulation. The iherb ireland discount makes things perfect here.

Adverse effects

It is advisable to carefully read the adverse effects that the power pills can have and to take them into account when taking them. Some pills can cause nausea and vomiting or even dizziness and drowsiness. You also need to consider whether certain pills are incompatible with driving and do not take them before driving away. The most common adverse effects include changes in heart rate and blood pressure, dizziness, nasal bleeding, headaches, insomnia and decreased blood sugar.


Contraindications differ depending on the product and people who suffer from hypotension or have other heart problems and coagulation problems, are not allowed to exert or have diabetes, should not take such drugs. There are also products that stimulate the reproductive glands and if you have prostate disorders it is advisable to avoid them.