Vegetables that will Thrive in Your Organic Terrace Garden

Unlike in the past, today cities are congested and if you live in an apartment, gardening could seem like an unachievable feat. However, organic terrace gardening is becoming popular across many cities, and has been necessitated by the growing number or apartment residents who are interested in growing their own veggies. 

You can easily grow own organic vegetables in your apartment but you’ll need to research extensively to establish the right vegetables to grow. Here are vegetables that can thrive in your organic terrace garden.


Carrots are perfect veggies for your home garden. You can easily grow them in small containers and even planter boxes. There are various carrot species such as Thumbelina, little fingers, and short and sweet. With enough water and organic liquid fertilizer, you can be able to grow healthy and organic plants. If you’re looking to grow longer carrots, ensure your containers of choice are spacious.


You don’t need a large space to grow your tomatoes. These vegetables can thrive in various spaces including planter pots, hanging baskets, and even window boxes. You can grow them in boxes of diverse sizes with ease nearly any time of the year. Ensure that your container is large enough and spacious to grow your tomatoes with minimal struggle. 

You may want to start with starter plants or tomato seeds depending on your preferences. Further, you may want to include a cage along the external part of your container to support your plant as it grows. 


Onions are versatile and some of the most vital ingredients in the kitchen. They are not only delicious, but they also contain healing properties and you can get lots of health benefits by growing your own organic onions. Onions are small-sized and can easily fit in your backyard or terrace garden. If you want onions that will thrive in small containers, you can choose green onions. You’ll only need a container measuring approximately 6 inches deep to grow your onions. 


Potatoes are some of the easiest vegetables you can grow in a container. You will need a container measuring approximately 12 inches deep, from where you’ll be able to grow around 4 potatoes. Potatoes need lots of water which means plastic containers will be ideal. Watering your potatoes regularly will aid healthy and fast growth. Ensure the stems are sufficiently covered with soil if you want your potatoes to flourish within a few months. 


Beets provide numerous health benefits. You can grow these amazing veggies in your terrace garden. If you want excellent results, get good quality organic liquid fertilizer. Your planter container should be approximately 12 inches deep to give your beets sufficient space to grow with minimal struggle. You can grow between six and seven beet plants inside one container. Choose baby beets if you want to grow more plants in one container.


Radish will grow well even in small wooden or plastic containers. However, you should ensure the seeds are scattered around the top of your container. Water them regularly to keep the soil moist. For the best results, use organic liquid fertilizer. 


Capsicum prices will always spike especially during the dry season. You can avoid the high prices by growing your own capsicum at home. These veggies need minimal care and patience and within no time you will be enjoying your first harvest. 

All you need is a planter box, good organic seedlings, and organic liquid fertilizer and you are good to go. With your finger or even a small stick, tickle the soil and sprinkle the seeds on top of the container. Cover the seeds with soil and add enough water in the container. Ensure it’s enough to dampen the soil without making it too wet. 


Vegetables are some of the most consumed and most nutritious plants. To reap the nutritious benefits of veggies, you need to ensure they are organic. What a better way of doing so than by growing your veggies at home? Whatever you do, ensure your seeds are organic and you can easily get organic seeds from reputable online stores.