The Original Pillow with a Hole – The Ear Piercing Pillow.

Introducing the Original Pillow with a Hole, the first pillow especially designed for people who want to sleep comfortably with ear piercings.

Whether you’ve had a conch, daith or industrial piercing, you’ll know that sleeping on that piercing can be very uncomfortable. Even a piercing on your earlobe can be troublesome. The area is wounded, sore, inflamed and prone to infection. What makes matters worse is you’re going to need to lie on it during the night. The piercing can’t be removed else it’ll heal over, and yet leaving it in can be a nightmare when you need to sleep.

What can you do in this situation?

How can you sleep comfortably with ear piercings?

Well, this pillow is the answer. The pillow’s unique design with a hole in the middle allows your ear to nestle comfortably on a cushion of air. Your ear will be safe and sound, ensconced as it is within our proprietary design. This will mean your ear no longer rubs against the fabric of the pillow and your piercing isn’t being pressed into your head. Those sore ear nights will be a thing of the past and you’ll be able to sleep comfortably with ear piercings forevermore.

This will mean your piercing heals perfectly and the chance of infection is drastically reduced.

Not only that but our ear piercing pillow is decidedly multifunctional. It’s not only great for piercings, it’s also brilliant if you want to sleep while listening to music or a podcast. Simply slip your earphones in and lie down. The same pressure relieving effect comes into play and the discomfort will be gone. This is also true for ear-plugs. Is your partner a heavy snorer? Well, again, slip noise blocking earplugs in and then put your head on the Original Pillow with a Hole. Perfect, blissful sleep.

For more information on how the Original P.W.A.H can help you sleep comfortably with ear piercings, take a look at our website.

No pressure.