Parents Can Support Their Child During Depression

Depression in children: 3-8 years | Raising Children Network

While many people are found to be depressed in their adulthood, children can develop depression due to any traumatic situation in their life. Sadly, child depression is often dismissed as an emotional part of their growing years. However, children with depression often express their feelings as low mood, anger, or sadness. So, it’s crucial to understand certain symptoms to support your child with depression.  This is why you should understand these symptoms to support your depressed 

Here’s how to help your child with depression: 

  1. Go for proper diagnosis and get a periodic re-evaluation

Mental illness often evolves as a kid grows and you must not assume only a particular sign of diagnosis as the accurate one. Over the years, the new symptoms will develop. That’s why you must get periodic re-assessment done to ensure that your child is getting the necessary treatment he/she needs to thrive mentally and emotionally. 

  1. Opt for tele-counseling

You may encourage your child to indulge in a session for tele-counseling Chicago & Skokie. Tele-counseling is done online when a psychotherapist will interact with your child through the video call to understand their situation. A therapist will encourage your child to socialize with their friends and get back to their hobbies. They do so by making children realize how fun it is to play with friends or partaking some activities, instead of just shunning everything around them. 

3.Promote Physical Health

Both physical and mental health are linked to one another. Depression can increase by inadequate sleep, poor nutrition, and inactivity. Since teens spend more time on mobile phones these days and eat junk food a lot, they may feel more depressed about their increasing weight or may develop any health issue in the long run. So, it’s essential to indulge them in healthy eating and physical activities. This way they will be healthier bot mentally and physically in the long run. 

  1. Consult a Child’s Doctor

Do tell your child’s doctor about heir depression due to medical issues or any other problem. A doctor may examine your child and even suggest some professional psychotherapists help them come out of depression as soon as possible. 

Parent and Child Relationship Counseling

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