How To Deal With Toothache At Home If You Can’t Go To The Dentist

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What’s worse than a toothache is having a toothache when you can’t go to the dentist. That painful throbbing in your teeth or even in your gums can be very intolerable. Of course, seeing any of your family dentists should be your top priority; however, we can never avoid instances when getting an appointment is impossible.

Whether you’re traveling or it’s in the middle of the night, simple emergency dental problems, such as toothaches, should be remedied using some of the basic things at home. If you found this article because you are in this current dilemma, then read on as we list down ways to at least numb the pain before you are able to visit the dentist.

Rinse with warm saltwater

This is probably the oldest trick in the book and for good reason! According to experts, a saltwater rinse can help clean the affected area, as well as draw out any infected fluid.

Making your own saltwater drink is easy as mixing half a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water. Mix it carefully until the salt dissolves and swish it inside your mouth for about 30 seconds. Spit it out and repeat this process two to about three times.

Take a painkiller

Another common remedy to ease the pain of a toothache is to take meds! There are a number of options for over-the-counter pain relief medication that will help numb everything down. Aspirin is the most common option and this is best if the pain is keeping you from sleeping at night.

Apply ice or cold compress

If you cannot visit any of your family dentists at the time your toothache starts acting up, get a cold compress or an ice pack and place it gently against your cheek. Keep in mind that you should not apply this directly to your tooth. Most dental problems cause the teeth to be very sensitive to temperature. With this in mind, you must not also drink really cold or really hot drinks when you’re having a toothache.

Try a dab of clove oil

Here’s a trick that not a lot of people know about. Clove oil has natural numbing agents that would be perfect to help ease the pain of a toothache. Use cotton or a Q-tip and dip it into clove oil. Hold it against the tooth that is causing pain. Keep this in place for the next 10 minutes or until you notice the feel of relief.

How to avoid toothaches

Any of your family dentists may have already advised you some of the basic dental hygiene that will help you prevent toothaches. Be sure that you are brushing your teeth every day and thoroughly. Use dental products that have been tested and those that are safe as well. Do not forget to floss as this can make such a huge difference in your dental hygiene. Lastly, keep up with your regular dental checkups!

You can try these home remedies to address a bad toothache while at home but again, don’t self medicate and contact your dentist if other problems occur.

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