Medical Repatriation & Its Key Points

It is often seen that the travelers require repatriation once they feel unwell or traumatized at a foreign land. The process by which they are transferred to their origin is called medical repatriation. Medical Repatriation is basically through air ambulances only. In simple words, medical repatriation means returning home for proper care or treatment.

Key Points of Medical Repatriation-

  1. Need/Reason for Medical Repatriation:

As per studies, it is found that around 3-4 travelers are repatriated from overseas every month because illness or injury is unpredictable. As per human psychology, people feel safe once they are back to their origin as everybody feels that good care would be taken of them.

  1. Major challenges faced during this process:

 One of the major challenges faced is the language barrier. Since the patient and the repatriation team belong to different countries, there exists a communication barrier to a huge extent. This also affects and slows down the immediate treatment plan. But the good medical repatriation companies instantly take help from the translators and overcome this situation. On the other hand, obtaining a visa in a short time is also a tough job.

  1. Proper Coordination with the family members:

The repatriation team not only coordinates with the patient’s family members or close friends, but also takes into account their recommendations as well. They also try to land at the nearest point as per the convenience of the patient’s family members.

  1. Checking the stability of the patient:

One of the key roles of the medical repatriation companies is that they always check the stability of the patients beforehand. They check whether the patient is capable of traveling. If not, they also admit them to a local hospital and do all the necessary steps to ensure that a patient can gain the strength to travel back to his place.

  1. Availability of medical equipments:

A reputed medical repatriation company is always and well equipped with the basic equipment required in case of an emergency such as ventilator, oxygen, suction, and all. Apart from the same, they also do have teams of experienced doctors and nurses ready for such emergencies.

  1. It should be a quick process:

These repatriation teams are well experienced to bring the patients back to their origin as early as possible. It is very important to bring back the patients promptly otherwise their condition may deteriorate making it difficult for them to travel.

Last but not the least, this process is not easy. So the above points should be kept in mind and you should always choose the best company so that the entire process is completed smoothly and in the best possible manner.