Medical Marijuana Is Popular Despite Limited Use

Medical marijuana

Medical marijuana or cannabis as we call, is cannabis and cannabinoids prescribed to the patients by their physicians. National Institute on Drug Abuse refers medical marijuana to the use of medicinal plant in unprocessed form as a whole or its elementary extracts in treatment of symptoms of disease and other conditions.

Evidence about medical marijuana effects

Positive effects of cannabis have been observed in cancer patients during chemotherapy to reduce nausea and vomiting and in AIDS/HIV patients to improve appetite, although not much evidence is available. Cannabis has also been proved to relieve chronic pain and muscle spasms to some extent. It has been observed that its short-term use enhances both minor as well as major adverse effects, such as tiredness, giddiness, vomiting, and delusions. Long-term effects of cannabis are not explicit, but some of the risks, such as memory and perception complications, schizophrenia in young generation, addiction risk, and risk of children taking it by accident have been usually observed.

Using marijuana in pregnancy

Some women have been taking marijuana during pregnancy to prevent severe nausea under such condition without knowing whether marijuana consumption is a safe practice for them. The doctors generally don’t recommend its consumption during pregnancy in the lack of firm evidence about its effects, although research studies on animals with reasonable amount of THC given during pregnancy and nursing have shown long-time adverse effects regarding learning issues and social interaction on the child. Thus, doctors recommend stoppage of its use after conception.

How can you consume it?

Marijuana has limited availability, but some people buy weed online for consumption as a whole. Medical marijuana is also available in many other forms and it’s easy to buy cannabis online in any form or through mail order cannabis can be delivered at your doorstep. Number of online shops offer the facility to sell cannabis at your doorstep with or without shipping charges.