The rise of the internet has been unprecedented, it has revolutionised our lives. The use of computers has begun to permeate almost every aspect of our lives. Using a computer is quicker, easier and more convenient – it makes sense that we would begin to use them for online shopping. From finding cheap deals to avoiding the crowds on the high street, the popularity of online shopping makes sense. It is estimated that almost a third of our shopping needs takes place online but, why?

Online marketplaces are continually evolving all the time. They know people are flocking to the internet in droves and so there is constant development. For example, you can now buy your prescriptions from an online pharmacist; it is one thing to cross off your to-do list because you can order from your phone whenever you have a second. It’s anonymous, fast and convenient. The online pharmacy UK scene is thriving.

You don’t have to carry a million bags home – especially now that we have to buy the bags too. Shop online and get your stuff delivered right to your door. No muss no fuss. You can shop wherever and whenever you want. When it is convenient for you, all you need is an internet connection. What you buy from the comfort of your own home is your business. However, there is the element of privacy, if you purchase something so truly terrible no-one need ever know.

It is so easy to return things. You can buy multiple things, try them on in the comfort of your own home without any pressure and then just return the ones that don’t fit or that you don’t like. You could do this in a shop but it always feels more rushed in a changing room and sometimes it seems that the overhead lighting deliberately showcases every small flaw. All you need to do to return them is drop them in the post. Easy peasy.

Forgot a birthday? No problem jump online to find something and have it delivered to them, you could even spring for next day delivery. Most places also offer a note to add to the package. As previously mentioned, online shopping affords much more anonymity than the high street does. You purchase is between you and the person on the other end of the computer screen, the packages look innocuous enough that not even your postman will know what he is delivering.

You can use the experience of other consumers and check out the reviews before buying to give you an idea of whether or not that purchase will work for you too, which is not something that you can easily do on the high-street. You can scour the internet for coupon codes and vouchers to save some money and some places even give discounts if it is your birthday etc. if you have signed up for them. Don’t forget the fact that you can ditch the crowds and surf the net from the comfort of your own sofa.