Is Becoming a Nurse Assistant Worth It?

There are only a few jobs in the world, which gives you as much satisfaction as a nursing job does. Not only do you get to tend to the sick and help them get better but also earn high salaries and meet people from various backgrounds. Learning to care for the elderly (เรียนดูแลผู้สูงอายุ, which is the term in Thai) require some basic knowledge which you get with the help of the various nursing programs, including nurse assistant courses.

But is making a career out of it worth it? Would the course certificate be any good for you? These are some of the questions that you would find the answer to below.

  • You could Pursue your Course Online: If you are doing distance learning, then the nursing course is a great option. If you are not able to enrol for a traditional nursing school (โรงเรียน บริบาล, term in Thai) course, then you could go for this one.

Having demanding responsibilities, looking after the family, could be tiresome, but with online courses, you could sit inside the comfort of your home, study, and perform your responsibilities.

  • Greater Job Variation: With your nursing degree, you would be able to get anywhere you want in the health sector. From hospital to health centres, diagnostic centre and sports rehabilitation centre, the options are endless.

According to a study, almost 83% of the nurses feel satisfied with their job. Thus the high level of job satisfaction that you get with your nursing profession is encouraging for you to go on further and climb the career ladder.

  • Receive Respect: Nurses or assistant nurses are known to work in a very respectable industry. The work is exciting, and you would never have the same day twice. You get to meet people from different backgrounds of life and help them tackle their challenge.

According to research, nursing is the sixth-most respectable job in the world. The industry in which the nurses work is a very stable one. The medical sector would never fade away, and that is the reason why nurses would always be in demand.

You never stop learning, and with the flexible works schedule, you do not get stuck with the monotony of a 9 to 5 job. You could often swap your work with your co-worker and change schedule other than emergencies.

Gaining a competitive salary is one of the major perks of having a certificate on the assistant nurse. These reasons would surely help you make up your mind regarding why you should go for nursing courses.