Ideas on who to make the vaping interesting

The boredom of using the same product for a while is the worst experience. So, are you wondering about some innovative way to spice up the vaping experience? Continue reading to find some simple and easy way to get rid of the feeling, mindlessly puffing your vape device throughout the day. This would even make you get back to the smoking habit, which is not a healthy option. Because once you get back to smoking, quitting would not be easier compared to the first time.

So, if vaping does not seem interesting try to change the way you do it. Geek bar vapes are available in disposable as well as reusable devices.

Buy a new juice flavour

Every website you go through will have hundreds of vape e—juice flavours for you to choose from. And experiencing all of those flavours in the virtual market is difficult. So do your exploration around the website, read through the details mentioned in the description and the customer reviews, And if you are too bored to read what is mentioned on the website, try a new flavour randomly. Who knows, you may end up feeling satisfied with the new flavour. And if you don’t like the new flavour, try a new one. Try the lesser-priced, yet reliable brands.

Try e-liquid mixing

Another interesting thing to do is to buy an e-liquid flavour that is marketed for mixing. Adding a few drops of new flavour to your favourite e-liquid gives you a fresh taste and experience along with the old version. Does that not sound like a good idea? Ensure to select the flavours carefully.

Try the old e-juice in a new way

Trying the newer version of nicotine salt gives you a newer experience for vaping in a new way. If you are someone who doesn’t like to invest in new flavour basis internet details, the next option you have is to try the old e-juice in a revised fashion. For example, the e-liquid with nicotine strengths of 20-25 mg/ml range does not get you that kick of direct-to-lung vaper feeling. And if you had continued using the same liquid for more than a year, it could have made you disinterested. Many vape brands have now introduced different versions of nicotine salt in various flavours. You can find them in Geek bars

Not interested in higher investment – then try disposable vapes devices such as IFRIT Disposables. The disposable vapes do not require filling e-juice, charging, coil swapping or cleaning, like other devices.

Innokin IFRIT Bar comes as a single unit and is leak-proof. It will not spoil your bag or pocket. It also does not need any additional carry bag to take the additional batteries or charger.

The user can simply open the packaging that the disposable vapes come in as a single product and use it instantly.  The nicotine salt base in the e-juice is combusted in the vape device. Hence it does not produce harmful smoke.