Having a scab on the scalp is not only a painful feeling, but it is embarrassing at the same time. Scratching your head for a long time may cause damage to your scalp. It ultimately leads to a crusty layer on the skin which is called scabs. These scabs irritate your scalp more and more. Here, in this article, you will come to know about scabs on scalp and how you can treat it the right way. Now let’s check out the details below –

What is Scab? 

When your scratch your hair constantly for a long time, the outer skin of the scalp gets damaged. The skin heals itself which stick together and form clots. These scabs appear in various colors such as reddish, yellowish, brown, and black. Scratching them for too long may lead to bleeding. 

There many reasons why scabs are formed. It may be due to oily scalp, or it can be an indication of a serious medical condition called eczema. To treat such types of scalp problems, knowing the exact reason mandatory. Here are some possible reasons-

  • Oily scalp

People with oily scalp often face the issue of dandruff that can cause several problems like itching and make you scratching your head. This automatically causes scabs on the head. 

  • Seborrheic Dermatitis

It is a serious condition that is characterized by stubborn dandruff and black patches. The basic symptoms of the condition include flaking and itching without any noticeable inflammation. However, this condition is not contagious and can easily be treated with proper medications and treatment. 

  • Scalp psoriasis

It is a chronic skin condition that occurs when you have a poor immune system. It appears as thick and red patches covered with grey scales and occurs on certain parts of the body. When this condition takes place on your scalp, it leads to scabs. 

  • Planopilaris: if you notice any kind of red or purple bumps on your scalp, it can be a sign of scabs. It is an inflammatory condition that causes scaling and redness around hair follicles and hair fall. It is a serious symptom that causes scabs. 
  • Ringworm

It is basically a fungal infection. This infection affects both scalp and hair shafts and causes scaly and itchy skin. These have flat centers and raised borders that can form itchy scabs. 

  • Scabies

Scabies form due to scabies mites. It causes an extreme level of itching, and thus, there appears a crusted layer of skin. This condition is often observed in children. However, it affects both men and women of all ages. This condition mainly affects the scalp, neck, eyelids, face, and skin under the nails. 

  • Head lice

Head lice are said to be the worst as they are contagious. The shifts from one person to another besides sucking blood, they cause an extreme level of itching and scratching. Scratching your head for a long time causesa wound which leads to scabs on the scalp. 

  • Skin inflammation

Itchy skin is said to be a common condition of skin inflammation. The severe itching causes scab.