Compact Guide on Types Of Weed Strains Available In Idaho

Even when the recreational usage of weed for medicinal purposes and the cultivation is illegal and punishable by law in Idaho, it is only a matter of time for the laws to vote in favour. Idaho is surrounded by states such as Nevada, Washington, and Canada that have marijuana legalized for cultivation and usage. Soon, the state of Idaho will branch out from just letting smoking be legal to cultivation legal. 

Hence if you are looking for a plan where you would breed weed strains, then there is no harm in doing prior research as it will save you time and efforts later so when the laws change, you can be the firsts to start something new in the state and reap the benefits. Here are all the types of Marijuana seeds ID and weed strains available in Idaho.

Outdoor Weed Strains.

Idaho has a varied climate, with cold winters and warm summers. The diverse climate makes growing a variety of strains easier. Here are a few strains you can grow outdoors.

  • Zkittlez Strain is an Indica strain that grows well in continental climates with extreme climatic conditions. It is popular for its heavy yields in a comparatively short period of growth time and is popular among users for its euphoric high ID Marijuana Seeds.
  • Purple Punch strain is another Indica dominant strain ideal for the temperature conditions that prevail in Idaho. With high THC levels, the strain provides an ecstatic buzz, and its unique purple hues present all over the plant enhances the overall feel.

Indoor Strains.

For those breeders who want to cultivate in closed, private spaces, here are two strains available for you.

  • Gelato is an Indica dominant weed with high THC levels that give the user a good high viz’s fruity flavour. 
  • Trainwreck is a Sativa dominant strain known for its sturdy nature and ease of growing Afghan heritage. With high THC levels, it is quite popular among users.

Other Popular Strains.

If you are looking for commercial cultivation, then here are a few popular strains you can opt from for breeding in Idaho.

  • White Widow X AK47 Fast- This unique variety is a crossbreed between a white female widow and a male AK47 to produce resilient and dense crops with buds filled with resin in a short time.
  • American Haze- It is formed by Crossing two California Marijuana plants- OG Haze and GB Haze.
  • Tangerine- known for its sweet, citrusy aromatic smell and ease of cultivation, is a popular seed found in Idaho.
  • Gorilla Glue- This particular variety of Indica plant is active and sturdy and is enriched with white resin. The fast growth rate and euphoric effects make it a popular seed variety.

If you are looking for the perfect seed variety or strain type in Idaho, this guide will probably help you. To know more about the seed varieties and to avail good prices and variety, visit the website of who are known for their good Marijuana seeds ID.