How to Counter Deep Hollow under the Eyes

The dark stains under the eyes with some hollow space gives a bad impression about your look. This a disease and it is known as the Sunken Eyes (เบ้าตาลึก, which is the term in Thai) syndrome. So many people over the world are suffering from this problem. There are several reasons for which this disease can take place. 

Several Reasons for this Disease

  • Nutrition and irregular living are the two main reasons for this disease. If you don’t drink enough water daily then your body will suffer from dehydration. It is the most common cause of these deep hollows. Having too much coffee per day or having a soda or any kind of packaged drinks will affect diuretic functions. It will increase your urine rate and eventually it will lead you to dehydration. 
  • If you are lacking iron, Vitamin C and Vitamin K then also you are going to suffer from this. According to the reports, these deep hollows are a sign that you are lacking nutrition. 
  • You need to take at least 6-hour sleep every day to lead a healthy life. If you regularly lack sleeping then it is also going to affect you and lead you to have these hollows. 
  • Apart from these, there are so many reasons like smoking, aging, sinus infections, allergies, trauma, weight loss, etc. Before it goes to a severe stage it will be wise to take medical attention.

How to treat these Deep hollows

There are so many ways that can cure you of this disease. If you are suffering because of allergy or sinus infections then simply doctor will prescribe you antihistamine and antibiotics. These will make sure that the disease has been cured.

If age or genetics is the main problem then also you can cure it by applying surgery. Dermal fillers and cosmetic surgery are regarded to be the most convenient ways but don’t forget that surgeries are never without risks. 

 It will be very good if you apply home remedies instead of medical attention. All you need to do is to lead a healthy life and it will cure all your diseases automatically.

Good sleep, drinking enough water every day and having good food will make you better. You can apply slices of cucumber on your eyes or lemon juice below your eyes. Fish oil or Almond oil is also good for your skin and it will help you to get rid of the Sunken Eyes.