How the Ivermectin Works, Claimed to be Effective in Overcoming Covid-19

The name of the Ivermectin suddenly became a conversation. Why not, the Ivermectin is claimed to be able to help treat infection with the coronavirus that causes Covid-19. In the world of health, Ivermectin is known as a medicine to treat parasites, including worms. This medicine is usually given once a year orally.

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What if this medicine (Ivermectin) is given to Covid-19 patients?

One of the pulmonary specialists who are a member of the Ivermectin clinical trial team said that research shows the medicine can inhibit viral replication.

“When the virus cannot divide, the number will certainly not increase,” said one of the Lung Specialists in a virtual press conference about the Ivermectin.

Not only that, but Ivermectin also acts as an anti-inflammatory which prevents the production of cytokines or inflammatory substances that trigger problems when they enter the body and circulate in the blood.

This medicine needs to be given a chance, especially if you look at the experiences of other countries such as India which have progressed thanks to Ivermectin. In India, the use of Ivermectin showed results where the risk of hospitalization in certain areas was lower than in areas that did not use Ivermectin.

For self-medication, there are several recommended doses. The dose is determined according to body weight, which is administered for five consecutive days.

After five days of taking Ivermectin, patients are recommended to do a SWAB test after the 10th day.

Until now, Ivermectin is still used as an adjuvant medicine or a medicine that is added to the standard Covid-19 treatment.

So in addition to Ivermectin, antiviral Medicine or anti-inflammatory Medicines can be given, vitamins or multivitamins, or Medicines for endurance. The rules until now were like that

Currently, World Health Organization (WHO) Also Research And Finally They Approved Ivermectin clinical trial.

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