Why Are Healthy Eating Habits Important? | Everyday Health

Food is perhaps the most important element which contributes to a person’s health. It is far more important than exercising or physical effort because all the other things would be negated if the food put in the body is not proper. For instance, if you try to lose belly fat and exercise but the food you consume is greasy, it is not likely that you would lose weight. Certain choices have to be made to get the best food into your system so that you not only lose weight but also keep healthy.

What are some of the food habits which would help you to lose weight?

  • Eating clean – One of the key changes that overweight people must make in their food habit is that they should start eating clean, that is, eating natural foods and reduce the portions of processed or refined foods. Natural foods have the nutrients and enzymes intact in them. However, in the case of processed food the enzymes and nutrients are mostly destroyed in the processing. Another aspect is that refined or processed products are mainly simple carbohydrates which easily turn into fats and consuming them thus not only makes the consumer overweight easily but also causes other health problems with the consumption of the preservatives.
  • Controlling the portion size – You should know about the number of calories you need in your body and how much you need to consume so that you could reduce your weight. Your meal portions should be according to that. If you cut down on the number of meals but consume more calories in those reduced number of meals, it would have no positive impact on your body. You surely need a calorie deficit in your meal so as to reduce your weight. It therefore becomes even more important that you do not consume too many empty calories.
  • Snacking wisely – You could choose to snack on chips and crackers when you feel hungry but that would increase your weight. However, if you snack on fruits or something made of complex carbohydrates, you could snack without thinking about becoming overweight.
  • Timing of food – When to have what food is also of equal importance. The high calorie food could be consumed during the day time so that you could get enough time to burn out the calories and the low calorie food should be your primary choices at dinner just for the reason that it is very close to your bed time and the chances of you putting in enough physical effort to burn out the calories is quite less.
  • Eating homemade food – Eating homemade food more than you eat food from outside could contribute heavily on reducing your weight. This is because the ingredients included in the food from outside are not always in your control and might increase your weight. However, if you make your food at home, you could make healthy choices and yet make tasty food. Moreover, food from outside very often have unhealthy amounts of sugars which just add up as empty calories.
  • Having cheat days – When you are controlling your diet and resisting your cravings, it is important that you have cheat days when you could indulge in food of your choice without thinking much about its impact on your weight. In the absence of cheat day, your resistance to unhealthy but tasty food would reduce over time and once you start indulging, you would not be able to control.


Taking care of what you put in your body would take care of your weight loss. You could do some research about what kind of food you could have which is healthy and tasty both at the same time. There are numerous recipes available on the internet and most of them would make your journey in weight loss a less difficult one.