How long do you need to use phallosan forte? Does it have any side effects?


If you have never used any penis extenders before, you must take things slow. For the beginners, you should wear the device for one hour a day. You should be able to do that for the first two days. After that, you can wear the device for three to four hours each day. You can do that for six days then on day seven, you should consider taking a break from wearing the Phallosan forte.  When using the device in the second week, you can expand the use of the hours of using the device. You can consider using the device for longer hours in the second week until the hours reach ten to eight in a day. Make sure that you aim for eight to ten hours by the end of the second week of use. As usual, rest on the seventh day. You should be able to use the device continuously for six months. So many customers have managed to increase their penis permanently by the end of the sixth month. The penis can increase for up to one inch in girth as well as up to two centimeters in length.

Does phallosan have any side effects?

According to many research that have been done, Phallosan forte is a device that can help in increasing the size of the penis comfortably without experiencing any pain. The only thing that you have to adhere to is, making sure that you follow the instructions to the latter. If you use the device well, you should not be experiencing any possible side effects.  That is to say, when you do not follow instructions, injuries might occur. The all process might be painful and if you are not careful, you will end up harming your penis badly. Therefore, you should consider the following instructions very carefully. 

When you are doing it, you must start by only using gentle pressure. You can slowly increase it as you adjust to it. each time the vacuum pressure is increased, your penis will be needing time to adjust to it. Therefore, you should not push your penis too much. You should know that penis enlargement doesn’t come overnight. Therefore, you should be patient as you try to increase it gradually.

What to use Phallosan forte for

Phallosan forte is used as a penis extender. When it is used for the long term, it can be very important in the increasing of your penis length and girth with a few centimeters. If you decide to do it, just know that the results are always permanent. Apart from increasing the size of the penis, the device can also be used to correct the penis curvature.  If you have erectile dysfunction, Phallosan forte can also help in correcting that. That is to say, it can also act as a treatment apart from helping you enlarge your penis.