Did You Know How Does An E-Cigarette Work?

Forget about the positives and negatives of e-cigarettes and keep that for a tale of another day. Let us rather talk about e-cigarettes and how do they work. Most of you know that although ‘Vaping’ an E-cigarette is way safer than ‘smoking’ Tobacco cigarettes, yet the pros and cons are debatable. As said, let us forget about that and let us get straight into a topic that is going to be posted to a eNikotin`s blog.

  • What Are E-Cigarettes?

It looks just like an original cigarette (sometimes even more stunning) and something that is considerably less harmful than it. So, an e-cigarette is a pen-like cigarette that looks like a normal cigarette and is reusable. Unlike Tobacco cigarettes, they have Nicotine in them. They come in replaceable and sometimes refillable cartridges. The cartridges are like the heart of the e-cigarette; they even contain flavors.

  • What Are The Parts Of An e-Cigarette?

Let us see what the things present inside an E-Cigarette are. So, if you disassemble an e-cigarette, you will find a mouthpiece or a cartridge, a heating element, few electronic circuits, and a rechargeable battery plus an LED indicator. So, what do the parts do, let us go into that.


  • The mouthpiece is the cartridge itself. You can fix it to the end of the whole tube of the e-cigarette. It contains the absorbent material, which is moist and has liquid for flavors. This cartridge is either replaceable or refillable.
  • The heating element or the atomizer is the one responsible for heating the cartridge causing emission of vapor from the cartridge. The person can inhale or suck in that vapor.
  • You can get a small rechargeable Li-Ion battery inside, which you can charge using the charger provided.
  • The LED indicator works to show when the battery level is low or perfect or if it is on active mode while a user is Vaping.
  • How Does The Mechanism Work?

As you put the mouthpiece inside your mouth and suck it, a sensor inside the E-cigarette turns on the atomizer. As a result, vapor emits from the flavored liquid solution, which is present inside the cartridge. 

The Nicotine content usually varies from 24-36 mg per ml of the flavored liquid of the cartridge. You can use E-Cigarettes to quit your smoking habit or just for fun. With a range of flavored cartridges, e-cigarettes are interesting.