Boost Your Self Confidence With A Natural Hair Wig

Feel Like You Again Following Hair Loss During Cancer Treatment

Natural hair wigs can help restore confidence and self esteem to those who have lost their hair as a side effect of chemotherapy.

88% of women diagnosed with breast cancer report a negative effect on the confidence they have in their bodies as well as the impact on their personal relationships. In a survey of 600 people carried out by charity Breast Cancer Care, hair loss following treatment was cited as a major reason for women to lose their sense of self and feel less confident in front of their partner. A cancer diagnosis comes with a lot of complex emotions, and a knock to your self-confidence due to hair loss is just one of them. But it’s also one area that can be restored, thanks to natural hair wigs.

Understanding Hair Loss In Cancer Treatments

Along with hormone or biological therapies, chemotherapy is the main method responsible for hair loss when seeking treatment for cancer. Not all patients experience this side effect, whilst others report loss to the hair on their head, along with their eyebrows and lashes, leg, underarm and pubic hair. The loss is typically gradual, commencing two to three weeks after treatment has started. It will grow back once treatment is complete, usually at the same rate of growth prior to the therapy, but there may be changes to the colour and texture of your hair.

For those who are worried either about complete hair loss, or the idea of their hair type and style changing following treatment, natural hair wigs are the perfect solution and you can begin wearing them as soon as you like.

Feel Like You Again

The most important thing to understand when opting for a natural wig, is that it will be custom-made to your specific requirements and only the highest quality 100% natural European hair will be used. You’re able to opt for a change of style to your regular cut and colour if that’s what you’d prefer, but many people want to replicate their existing image so that they can feel like themselves once again.

The process of having a custom-made wig made begins with an initial appointment where you’ll discuss your hair preferences, and an impression of your head will be taken, from which the base of your wig can be constructed.

Selecting Your Hair Blend

At your next appointment, you’ll try on the wig foundation and get to choose your blend of hair, based on your requirements for length, texture and tone. If you’ve previously had some grey hairs crop up, then this is the ideal time to revert to a younger look for added confidence if you wish so! Using this hair, the wigmaker will help you decide about the position of your crown and any changes to the hair line that need to be made before the wig goes off to be hand knotted.

Final Steps

At your final appointment, your wig will be placed on your head, and you’ll then sit back and relax whilst having your hair cut and styled as you wish. You’ll be shown how to fit and maintain your wig to ensure longevity.

A natural hair wig is both lightweight and discreet which gives wearers a huge boost to their self confidence when undergoing cancer treatment.