Beginner’s Guide To Naturopathy

If you were to look for naturopathy uk you may come across a lot of results all promoting services and groups which all focus around the subject. But what is it?

To help you get to grips with naturopathy we have compiled a basic beginner’s guide to introduce you to the subject and its practioners.

What is naturopathy?

Often a last resort for patients who have still to find a way for their ideal level of health, naturopathy offers a great deal more than a nutritionist. Instead of just offering treatments, tips and advice on fasting, exercise and drinking water the treatment of naturopathy also looks in to more natural healing practices.

What treatments come under naturopathy?

Natural treatments for various ailments come in all shapes and sizes, but they are all clinically approved as an alternative selection of treatments. Examples of approved naturopathy treatments include homeopathy, herbal medicines and acupuncture. More modern healing methods such as Ozone-Therapy and Colon Hydrotherapy are also included.

A basic concept of naturopathy is to undertake a similar approach to the Indian Ayurveda approach which sees the human body as a collective of mind, body and spirit.

Who carries out the treatments?

Naturopathy treatments are conducted by a naturopath. Conducting a search for naturopath near me will flag up a selection of qualified naturopaths who can undertake the entire range of natural treatments to help you heal .

Naturopaths are often working on a freelance basis, meaning they are often mobile or have their own private amenities. As a more holistic approach to healing, naturopaths aren’t often connected to hospitals but are sometimes contacted on a referral basis.

Each session is personally catered towards following a consultation which involves a discussion of the problems in question and a treatment plan which is specifically designed to aid your healing.

Origins of naturopathy

Derived from the beliefs of the famous Greek philosopher Hippocrates, the concept of naturopathy is based on the idea of using nature to induce cures for ailments and disease in the human body.

The concept of naturopathy was first used in the Hippocratic School of Medicine thousands of years ago and it worked on the principles of using treatments which did not have side effects and cause other problems and using the natural abilities of plants and nature to heal. The general treatment plans are also inclusive of a person’s wholebeing and not just the ailment being treated.

Modern issues

The modern world is now open to a much wider variety of treatments and medicines which obviously were not around in the age of Hippocrates. These modern treatments openly use experiments to prove their abilities but often have side effects. 

Many people in the modern world rely on the evidence of science and are quick to discount the benefits of natural medicine. Although natural practises offer a wide range of benefits without side effects, naturopathy doesn’t receive the limelight it deserves for being a beneficial overall natural treatment philosophy.