7 Wellness Trends to Expect in 2020

Numerous health and wellness trends have come and gone in years past. However, there are several trends that are currently slated to dominate the health and wellness market in the coming year. These include the rise of CBD in its oil form and other derivatives, as well as wellness retreats, holistic workouts and various ways to unplug from the stresses of minor life.

That being said, the following are seven wellness trends you should look out for in 2020 in order to make the most of your health and wellness.

  1. Holistic Training

The very first on our list is holistic training. What it means is to take a holistic approach to every aspect of your training, as well as your emotional, mental and physical health. In essence, it means to place a high priority on the factors that affect your lifestyle, diet and also your exercise routine.

Some of the holistic changes to your fitness routine in 2020 could mean taking up meditation or yoga as a way to help reduce emotional and physical stress. It could also mean implementing CBD into your diet, as well as nutritious and healthy food. There are numerous benefits of doing so and it is not difficult to locate retailers that are selling CBD online or healthy meal prep services like Blue Apron or Plated.

  1. Boutique Fitness Centers

Boutique fitness centers are a trend that will rise in the coming year. These centers typically specialize in a certain type of fitness, which could be functional training, high-intensity interval training, or yoga.

These types of fitness centers tend to be more compact or intimate compared to traditional fitness centers and gyms, with a concentrated focus on more group exercises over individual workouts.

  1. On-Demand Fitness

On-demand fitness can be described as home-based workouts, which in and of itself is nothing new. However, these types of workouts have been making a comeback, especially towards the latter part of the year. This trend, presumably, is one that will continue into 2020.

Numerous services enable individuals to easily livestream their workouts from their homes. That said, there are free resources on video sites such as YouTube which offer individuals home-based workouts that are free, either with or without equipment.

  1. Recovery

Given that there seems to be a glut of high-intensity interval training studios, it seems inevitable that our bodies will respond to the stress we put them under. This has caused our bodies to crave more recovery and rest.

There are bound to be more recovery programs as well as an increased focus on using online products to help us recover faster.

  1. Plant-based products

Considering the trend of sustainability, there has been an increased focus on how to find plant-based substitutes for our diets. As such, it is only fair that this is going to continue into the new year, with major brands providing more plant-based options for meals and CBD derivatives and dietary supplements.

  1. Chemical-free holidays

Thanks to the increase in environmental awareness, as well as the need for sustainable tourism practices, numerous retreats and hotels are creating innovative ways of avoiding chemicals and wasteful practices in restaurants, bathroom amenities, housekeeping, and spas.

  1. Rewilding

Rewilding is a process in which we as humans can unplug from the technology that drives us and the stresses of modern life. This trend stems from the fact that many of us need to reconnect with our wild side and enjoy the little things in life.

There are numerous programs out there that concentrate on rewilding the human body and mind using a complex collection of mindfulness, nutrition, rest, play, exercise, adventure and nature to help us recenter ourselves.