A Good Look at Your Options for Arthritis Treatment 

If you are currently struggling with the pain of arthritis (or have a family member that does), then you would understand just how debilitating it can be. Unfortunately, most people find it difficult to obtain any kind of lasting relief.

In this post, we will go over your options for managing arthritis pain and what to expect. Only then can you understand your options for maintaining such a condition.

What is arthritis?

Of course, before we delve into treatment options, it would be prudent to obtain a good understanding of what arthritis is and the type of treatment it entails. The latter can be described as a joint condition accompanied by inflammation. The factors causing the disease can vary ranging from an overactive body immune system or wear and tear of the cartilage. 

Arthritis generally affects people within the age of 20 and 50 but may occur in children as well. The first and most crucial action towards efficient treatment is to seek consultation with a doctor for an accurate diagnosis.

The Different Types of Arthritis

What most people don’t realise is that there are 100 forms of arthritis. Different arthritis treatments offer effective procedures for several arthritic conditions. 

Here are a few of the typical forms of arthritis:

Rheumatoid Arthritis is the most typical inflammatory type of arthritis. It affects about one percent of the total population and is the auto-immune kind of arthritis. It is defined by the swelling of the synovial linings of the joint. At the start, it affects the smaller joints, such as the wrists, hands, feet and ankles. As the condition advances, larger joints also get impacted.

Osteoarthritis is a kind of arthritis that is frequently related to old age. Generally, the weight bearing locations, such as the hips, spine, knees, feet and the base of the thumb, are impacted by osteoarthritis. It is identified by the loss of brand-new bone formation, articulating cartilage and advancement of bony stimulates

Other forms of arthritis

  • Psoriatic arthritis
  • Polymyalgia rheumatica
  • Gout
  • Pseudo Gout
  • Reactive Arthritis

The Different Treatment Options for Managing Arthritis Pain

There are several efficient treatment procedures:

  • Use of Non-Steroids Anti Inflammatory Drugs (NSAID) assist patients with arthritis to find relief from swelling, tightness, inflammation and discomfort of the joints. This is similar to what you would find in headache relief products and work the same way, which is to alleviate pain by reducing inflammation.
  • Joint Replacement Therapy — this entails surgery and is recommended for people whose joints have been significantly harmed by the condition. The injured joint is secured through surgical treatment, and a replacement part is put in its place. On recovery, patients can resume about 75 percent movement. Joint replacement is perhaps the most effective solution for osteoarthritis treatment as it directly tackles the source of the problem and provides a long-term solution.

Other Surgical Procedures for arthritis treatment

Apart from joint replacement, surgical treatments can be performed to repair broken tendons. Surgical procedures might likewise include the elimination of the joint cavity or the removal of the bone. In many cases, the pain in the joint can be attributed to undue pressure on the nerves. Fortunately, it is a condition that can be remedied through surgical means.