Optimal CBD dose for quick results: Everything you need to know

In the past, marijuana had acquired a bad rapport for being a drug that was used for intoxication. Thankfully, with the advancement in science, those notions are steadily changing. Science has discovered the medicinal uses of marijuana and is revealing the incredible health benefits it offers.

For treatment and healing purposes, an extract from the cannabis plants is used. Derived from the Cannabis Sativa plant, the source of hemp and marijuana, CBD or cannabidiol is the main medicinal component. The resin of the cannabis buds contains CBD, which is separated from the other components and diluted in oil, especially in MCT oil.

Is CBD oil safe?

Many people commonly wonder if CBD will cause intoxication like smoking marijuana does. No, it doesn’t, as the psychoactive ingredient that causes an altered state of mind when using cannabis products in a raw form is absent in CBD oil.

The psychoactive compound Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) causes drowsiness, reduced alertness, and on long term use can induce negative psychiatric effects. CBD oil is devoid of any THC, so it doesn’t cause any of the negative effects commonly associated with marijuana.

Best dose for CBD

Since research on CBD usage is limited, there’s no standardized CBD oil dosage. To decide on the dose, one can consider a few factors such as his/her body weight, metabolic rate and the intensity of their problem.

Experts on the matter recommend starting with an extremely low dose and going up gradually. There’s no one size when it comes to using CBD oil. A standard measurement suggests to 1-6 Mg of CBD for every 10 pounds of body weight.

Many companies who manufacture quality CBD oil also suggest starting with 25 mg of CBD every day. If the patient doesn’t notice relief on that dose, he/she can increase the dose gradually by 25mg every 3 to 4 weeks.

Also, the amount of CBD oil required will vary with the condition that needs redressal. For chronic pain, a dose of 2.5mg to 20 mg can be accepted. A dose of 40mg of CBD per day is safe when taken to alleviate sleep disorder. Treatment of Multiple sclerosis syndrome may require a dose of up to 120 mg per day.

The reasons why people are increasingly using CBD?

Cannabidiol is touted as a potent ingredient for treating pain, inflammation, seizures and even cancer. CBD works mainly by acting on the body’s endocannabinoid system, which maintains the body’s homeostasis and helps with adaptation to different stressors in the environment.

Cannabinoids can attach to endocannabinoid receptors found in the digestive, reproductive, nervous, and immune system. They can regulate the body’s inflammation, mitochondrial function, and metabolism.

Thus, by influencing various physiological processes, CBD can help with healing and offer relief from some chronic conditions.

Here’s how CBD can work therapeutically –

1. Improved mood disorder

CBD works directly on the brain’s 5HT1A receptors and GABA receptors, which are both responsible production of serotonin. Lower levels of serotonin cause anxiety and depression.

2. Lowers inflammation

CBD can suppress the production of cytokine and induce the formation of T-regulatory cells to prevent the body from self-attack, which can help with auto-immune conditions.

3. CBD helps to quit smoking and drug withdrawals

Research suggests promising shreds of evidence that suggests CBD may help people to quit smoking. A pilot study has confirmed smokers who used vapors with CBD, had lesser cravings for nicotine. CBD oil can also be helpful for people with opioid addiction. The drug can reduce symptoms associated with a substance disorder, like anxiety, pain, and insomnia, mood-disorders.

4. Can help with epilepsy treatment

The FDA of the US has approved the use of CBD in the treatment of epilepsy. Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, a condition affects children between 3 and 5 years, is treatable with regular administration of CBD. Dravetsyndrome, other conditions that cause seizures in new-born kids, also respond well to CBD.

With proper dosage and administration, CBD can alleviate all the above conditions. Cannabidiol is well on its way to gain worldwide recognition as a medicinal drug.