A robe, slippers, and lockers are furnished to your comfort at the spa or you can pick out to put on the gown out of your room. It is suggested that you bathe earlier than receiving your remedy and that you disrobe to your spa offerings. Your therapist will depart the room as you disrobe and you may lay below a sheet at the desk.

Upon crowning glory of the remedy, your therapist will once more step out of the remedy room to permit you to redress into your robe. Our therapists are skilled in the right draping strategies to your consolation. You may also decide to acquire remedies for your bathing fit or undergarments.

Please cast off all earrings earlier than traveling to the spa. If you’ve got scheduled a Thai Yoga Massage, Salon Treatment, or Reflexology, please put on loose, cushy garb.

What if I even have a few bodily ailments, incapacity, or allergic reactions?

Please notify the spa receptionist at the time you’re making your appointments and your therapist at the start of your remedy. You may be knowledgeable if remedies aren’t advocated.

Should guys shave earlier than a facial?

Shaving is suggested however please make sure to achieve this minimum of hours previous to your scheduled appointment. For know more about it you can visit on https://opstar.me/

How must I cope with gratuities?

Treatment and bundle charges do now no longer encompass gratuity. A 15% provider price may be delivered to all offerings.

Will I be capable of buying the goods which are utilized in my remedies?

We bring a complete array of expert spa merchandise so that you can replica the advantages at home. We additionally deliver direct to you must you need to reorder upon returning home.

How do I decide which facial to pick out?

The aestheticians at Sagestone are skilled to customize every one of our facial remedies to your specific pores and skin thru pores and skin analysis. This may also suggest that you do now no longer acquire the facial you booked however one as a substitute extra ideal for your pores and skin kind.

Should I shave my legs earlier than my rubdown or frame remedy?

Shaving is suggested however please make sure to achieve this not much less than 4 hours previous to your scheduled appointment. Certain merchandise may also aggravate newly-shaven pores and skin.

Teen Policies

Young adults between the while of 16–and 17 may also freely revel in the subsequent without the supervision of a discern or mother or father: Salon offerings which include makeup, pedicures, manicures, and hair offerings. Young adults, 16-17 need to be supervised via way of means of discerning or mother or father at the same time as collaborating in Spa Services which includes rubdown and frame remedies, facials, or any one-on-one offerings.