Medical insurance is essential for almost all senior citizens, especially the above the age of 65. The year 2021 came fast, so let’s have a glance onto which can be the best plan as per our need.

The original medicare plan is like an evergreen tree, you need it even to get a supplement plan. It is a government-initiated program, but the medicare supplement plan is funded by private medicare insurance companies.

The original medicare has two parts- Hospital insurance (Part A) and Medicare Insurance (Part B). The payment of part B deductible is the common criterion to get a medicare supplement plan. For free part A premium, either you or your spouse must have paid medicare taxes for over 10 years, else you need to buy it.

Nowadays, medigap plans are very important for managing the cost of medical bills and to save some money. There are two best medicare supplement plans for 2021– Plan G and Plan N.

The Plan G

Plan G is the best medicare supplement plan 2021 in the market. It gives maximum coverage for a cheap premium. Earlier Plan F was considered to be the best, but it is eliminated due to its expensive coverage.

  1.  Part A hospital costs and coinsurance for 365 days, after the original medicare got over.
  2. As said, Part A hospice care copayment.
  3. Part A deductible.
  4. Part B coinsurance, but not the doctors or emergency room visits.
  5. Part B preventive care coinsurance and excess charges.
  6. The first three blood pints
  7. Skilled nursing facility
  8. 80% of emergency health care in a foreign land.

As of the year 2020, the cost of Plan G was $198 but the next year will definitely see a price hike.

The Plan N

The plan N has similar properties like Plan G. It excludes some services for those who do not require all the services from Plan G. In Plan N too needs the Part B deductible to be paid, but it does not cover 2 services from Plan G. The Part B excess charges and co-payments. It means spending extra on doctors’ visits or for emergency room facilities. There is a need to pay $20 for doctors’ visits and $50 for emergency room visits. For the emergency room, the money needs to be paid if you spend even one night there. This stops patients from unnecessary visits.

 The plan is always to pay for only what we need. If getting a Plan G, makes you pay for services that are not important. Switch to plan N. The plan N has lower costs than Plan G and also lower services.

Medicare advantage plan

The medicare advantage or part C has the biggest changes that can be seen in the year 2021. It is getting updated with the technology, like the telehealth services. It shows precaution but also takes care of its patient with the latest technology available. The medicare advantage plan is increasing benefits for patients with End-Stage Renal Disease, but the plan must be understood first.