Ways you could increase your fruit intake and need of using top cold press juicer

There are many ways you could introduce new things to your health routine and benefit from the most amount of natural ingredients. One of the very popular ways is by juicing the fresh produce of fruits and vegetables but squeezing the most amount of juice from them using a device called a cold-pressed juicer. It is effective in bringing the maximum amount of nutrients of the fruits vegetables in a liquid form for better absorption by the body. But by adding a few ingredients to the same fruit we are able to make smoothies and then one may feel confused as to which is better treatment of the fresh produce or which one is better for you? Let’s find out. 

  • The smoothies and juices both can prove to be extremely beneficial in your weight loss goals. Some people use smoothies and juices to achieve their weight goals quickly but the right method to achieve the results should be used. By the name of a juice cleanse, It’s important to know that smoothies or juices both can help cleanse and relax the digestive system and in turn promote weight loss. But they must be freshly made and can even include a few more ingredients to help you feel.fuller for longer. 
  • To ensure that you are able to benefit the most from your Vegetables and fruits, you could try to make them into smoothies or juice them. When you use a juicer to extract the juice from your fresh produce you have to be careful to not use cheap centrifugal juicers that introduce heat and air to your juice and thus reduces the number of nutrients to a large extent. You need to buy a top cold press juicer to make the most out of your juice. 
  • While you have the option of buying either a smoothie or a juice from a store, but doing the process yourself at home allows you to actually see the ingredients that are put into the mixture and trust the authenticity of the natural ingredients. You will always prefer the drink that you make yourself over what you buy from a store or a restaurant. 
  • The smoothies and juices both should be consumed instantly after being made. There many minerals and vitamins that spoil once they come in contact with other ingredients of your concoction or are left to whether the forces of nature for too long. If it’s possible juices or smoothies both should be consumed within 15 minutes of preparing them. 
  • One should also know about the compatibility of fruits and vegetables to be used in the smoothie or juice. As in some of the vegetables cannot be mixed together with a fruit because of simple taste or the amount of citrus or sweet or starch they have. For instance, vegetables like beetroots or carrots do not go well with most other fruits and should not be mixed with any fruits.