Tips for athletes from the pro Athletes

What advice do athletes give pros? Let’s take a look now! Ronnie

What advice do athletes give pros? Let’s take a look now!

Ronnie Coleman

The best back exercises: deadlift, pull-ups, T-bar pull, tilt pull. The positive phase of exercise is explosive.

Johnny jackson

Good Steroids from will help increase your bench press. The bench press from the floor will also increase your strength.

Kevin Levron

If you do not feel chest during the bench, leave a lot of weight. Take the small one, but learn to feel the muscle. Let it take a week or even a month.

Lee Priest

For hands, the best exercises are basic. This is the lifting of dumbbells (sitting or standing) on ??the biceps, the lifting of the barbell on the biceps. It is best to train your biceps and triceps together.

Tom Platz

You need to do all the exercises at a slow pace. For legs, squats are the best exercise. Hip muscles respond well to negative repetitions.

Branch Warren

For triceps, one of the best exercises is the French bench press, it does not require a lot of weight, it is better to perform this exercise with a small weight, but with full dedication.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Doing a bench press does not need to straighten your arms, because at full amplitude the triceps and shoulders are heavily involved.

Jay cutler

Performing a dumbbell press, sitting, do not straighten your arms, you need to do the exercise slowly, with moderate weight.

Kris Cromie

When building large biceps, use the maximum possible weight, but remember that the more repetitions, the more effective your workout, and the muscles are more impressive.

Sean Ray

An excellent exercise for the back is the tilt barbell pull. Just do not chase a lot of weight and perform this exercise in full amplitude.

David henry

An important exercise for the chest is the bench press, which is performed on an inclined bench. The main thing here is lowering the bar on the chest, and if you do not complete the full lowering of the bar, in my understanding this will already be a futile exercise.

Fuad Abiad

In each approach in the leg press, the “ladder” should increase weight. And so to failure. This exercise explodes your legs, and it will help to deal with stagnation. I recommend doing it no more than 1-2 times a month.

These are the tips that athletes give professionals, what do you think about them?