“The Mental Game” highlights the significance of having strong mental fortitude

Shayne McGowan’s creation of MentalEdgePerformance.ca is a great step towards enhancing athletes’ preparation for competition. McGowan’s extensive experience and training as a mental game coach are sure to be valuable assets. Although his professional football career was cut short, he had the opportunity to play college football at California State University. It’s amazing that he has 30 years of experience as a fitness trainer, certification from the NCCP, and affiliation with Coaches of Canada! He has had the amazing opportunity to be a guest on various popular platforms such as Fox Sports Radio, CBS Sports Radio, NFL Spin Zone, NFL Showtime, and BlogTalkRadio, and has also contributed his writing skills to the fitness magazine Train.

Outstanding athletes have a strong mental toughness that sets them apart from good athletes. Believing in yourself and pushing through challenges can greatly improve your chances of achieving success.

Developing mental toughness involves honing the skill of concentrating deeply on the task at hand. Athletes who develop mental toughness can learn to focus on the right things and achieve great success with phase 1 live hard.

Athletes who develop mental toughness can overcome significant difficulties

  • Perseverance: the mindset you adopt when you encounter challenges and setbacks in a race, knowing that each attempt brings you closer to success. When an athlete faces frustration, they can learn to shift their focus to the present and find new opportunities to turn things around in their favour.
  • Believing in oneself and focusing on the task at hand can help overcome failure anxiety during a competition. By focusing on the present and taking action now, success is achievable despite any fears about the future.

Focusing on Improvements

Nowadays, athletes have the opportunity to learn from their past failures and use that knowledge to achieve even greater success. By focusing on the present, you can keep your head in the game and move forward without being held back by past mistakes or missed opportunities. It’s challenging to break the cycle of negative thinking when you start criticising yourself for a mistake you made. However, with a positive mindset, you can overcome this obstacle. Instead of dwelling on your past mistake, focus on the next opportunity or task at hand.

Developing your mental toughness is crucial if you want to go from being a good player to a great one!

Having psychological strength increases your chances of success, and in sports, anything is possible if you give it your all.

Make thoughtful decisions and take positive steps towards your goals. You have the ability to forgive yourself quickly and move forward. Let’s focus on the present moment! The preceding and last act has completed, and now we can look forward to new opportunities and possibilities.


Remember that “Anything can happen,” and keep exploring ways to improve your game. Stay focused on that strategy throughout the competition! With a positive frame of mind, you have all it takes to succeed if given the chance.