Say Hello To A Happy Ear By Visiting A Trusted Wax Removal Clinic

Ear Wax Removal - Hearing Clinics 101

Does the sight of someone aggressively rubbing their ears turn you off? Well, they are probably suffering from excessive ear wax buildup. Ear cleaning for many of us is mainly a morning after-shower chore of superficially rotating a Q-tip over ears. While cotton swabs help create a cleaner ear façade, ears are impressive organs with their very own self-cleaning system. 

However, sometimes, the risk of wax buildup may result in blockage or itching sensation. Ever experienced a ringing sensation in ears? Yes, that’s ‘Tinnitus’ and it’s because of earwax buildup. Another common condition ‘Vertigo’ – a spinning sensation is also known to surface because of too much of ear wax accumulation. Oftentimes, children also complain of ear pain because they have a blocked ear from excessive accumulated wax. This wax hardens as the skin dries furthermore. Cotton swabs only worsen the situation. A condition like this suggests that it is time to book an appointment with a hearing health professional.

Ear wax says a lot about overall ear health. ‘Cerumen’ or commonly known as ‘ear wax’ is generally considered normal when it’s amber, brown or pale yellow. The minute you see pus, foul smelling green or grayish-black wax with streaks of blood, know that these are warning signs of either of the following: 

  • Ear Infection 
  • Ruptured Eardrum
  • Injury
  • Bug Bite
  • Excessive Wax Buildup

Why should you schedule an ear wax removal appointment?

  • Improved hearing
  • Less chance of infections 
  • Reduced probability and prevention from long-term issues such as hearing loss

If you have never had ear wax removed, consider scheduling a visit with a trusted wax removal clinic close to you. Besides specifically taking care of your routine ear wellness, you must seek a premium audiology centre which offers approved diagnostics with unparalleled care and treatment options. A professional audiology centre extends from being a simple wax removal clinic to holistically providing ear-specific solutions such as hearing aid services and more. They will help make your journey to better ear health a satisfactory one in terms of service and results. 

It is always best to have a professional intervention in an impacted ear problem. A service such as this can cost you anything from £30-£50 for one ear and go upto £70-£100 for both. Some specialized wax removal clinics even schedule a home visit if you cannot go there yourself. What’s best in times like these is that if you have someone elderly at home who cannot reach the clinic or are concerned about health & safety of your children, they come to your doorstep only at a nominal additional call out charge. 

While it is normal to have the urge to clean your ear daily, a cotton swab increases the risk of pushing your earwax deeper into the ear canal and causing a blockage. If you have already discovered that ear cleaning has become a necessity from time to time, ensure that you see a professional wax removal clinic to avoid damaging your ear instead of resorting to home remedies.