Pre-Conception Care – An Organized Approach To Enhancing Fertility

Having a baby in womb and getting it out all hale and hearty is a big responsibility. A lot of physical, physiological and psychological factors work collectively to create a healthy environment inside the woman’s body to let pregnancy happen and terminate after full term. Every human body is different and this difference is made more conspicuous by the circumstances it dwells in. A major impact of circumstances on hormonal function of the body is seen in the form of ability of a woman to conceive. With the presence of pre-conception care, the service providers are making the road to parenthood easy for their clients.

What is pre-conception care?

An organized care provided to the couple before the onset of pregnancy is termed as pre-conception care. This care covers all aspects of maintaining physical, mental and spiritual health which is essential for conceiving and having a healthy baby. There are loads and loads of information available over the web and it is quite likely to cause mental stress to people and to leave them confused about the ideal way of going on the path to parenthood. The care is focused at giving much needed guidance on how to process and implement the information available. It is also helpful in recognizing and valuing the individual needs that cannot be analyzed or understood from a generalized point of view.

Health check-up – the first step of pre-conception care

When on the path to parental journey, every aspect of physical and mental health becomes important. Something that is ignored thinking to be nothing can turn out to be a big hurdle in conceiving or completing the pregnancy. Thus, the preconception care providers get the complete health assessment done for want-to-be parents. Any existing health condition is monitored through relevant tests and scans and accordingly the couples are counseled on the future course.

Diet care – a sustainable solution for conceiving easily

When all is ok on health, the food habits are discussed. There are several foods which may provide good nutrition, but may not be helpful in conceiving or in maintaining good fetal health. As a part of pre-conception care, certain supplements are given to the mother. The food habits cannot change overnight, that is true! Therefore, supplements help in maintaining the optimal levels of nutrients like folic acid and iron in the body. These nutrients are helpful in development of neural tubes and also facilitate generation of RNA and DNA, the building blocks of any human body. You can also expect a diet chart that should be followed if the levels of nutrients required for healthy pregnancy are poor in the body.

Vaccination guide

No matter which part of world we are in, our bodies are certainly exposed to certain risky propositions like onset of any kind of flu. Some women may need flu vaccination and dental health check-up before going on pregnancy. It is the most certain fact that a pregnant woman cannot be given any heavy antibiotics or strong medicines. Thus, vaccination helps in keeping the body protected from any kind of infection.

Lifestyle maintenance guide

Preconception care aims at making certain lifestyle changes too. Avoiding liquor and smoking is the most common thing advised. But, there are certain other changes also advised depending upon the health levels. The counseling is done for helping couples adopt a healthy lifestyle. They need to be physically active, emotionally available to each other and also there has to be a place for attending to psychological issues in the normal schedule. The couples trying to be parents may require changes such as weight management, anger management, emotional healing and so on. All the requirements which are actually ignored in a normal routine are given special attention in preconception care program.

Benefits of preconception care

The preconception care proves to be the ray of hope to the couples who find it difficult to conceive. The main benefit lies in knowing the body and our environment better and understanding influence of each and every thing that we do or feel on the reproductive abilities. Going for treatments like IVF, PCOS treatment, and addressing other fertility issues on time becomes possible with preconception care.

Find out more information about the preconception care if you are trying to attain parenthood and are not able to do so. The answer may lie in your own lifestyle; all you need is a guiding light to see that solution.