Marijuana is a drug predominantly known and used for its active ingredient, THC which is able to induce the feeling of being high. Its recreational benefit is majorly the reason the drug is popularly used worldwide.

The drug is derived from the Cannabis plant which belongs to the Cannabaceae family.


The cannabis plant majorly originated from Central Asia and the Indian subcontinent. It was predominantly used by the ancient occupants of China and Japan to make fabrics and ropes. Its textile strength is higher than cotton. The time when marijuana became known for its psychotic effects is not really known. However, the oldest proof of Cannabis being burnt was in Romanian kurgan thousands of years ago. Some researchers suggest that the Indo-Iranian drug Soma in Vedas sometimes had cannabis in it.

The ancient Assyrians discovered the psychoactive abilities of the drug through the Iranians. Scythians, Dacians and Thracians also discovered the herb through the Iranians. The shamans burnt the herb to create a trance.

The herb was used as a healing herb in India thousands of years ago.

Marijuana has a notable historical origin in ritual use and it existed in lots of therapeutic cults around the globe.

Notable effects of Marijuana

  • Marijuana and risk of psychosis both share a dose-response relationship. It’s able to increase the levels of anxieties and depression.
  • It’s quite possible to become dependent on marijuana. A significant number of users tend to become dependent after a certain period.
  • Although, withdrawing from marijuana use is less serious than withdrawing from alcohol, it’s still very difficult to stop using it. Withdrawal is dominated with symptoms of insomnia, irritability, craving and dysphoria. A relapse mostly happens when trying to withdraw from it.
  • There is a high chance of developing Cannabis use disorder from using marijuana.


The use of Marijuana is so predominant in the world today. It’s arguably one of the most used illegal drugs in most countries. It’s now being legalized in some countries now. Its legalization has opened ways for easy access to marijuana such as mail order marijuana.

Overdose of marijuana is not known to cause any fatal effect in humans. This is due to its low toxicity. It important to note that contaminated or infected marijuana is very dangerous and could cause major detrimental effects such as critical health complications in humans. It could cause chronic lung infections as well as development of cancer. This is why it is very vital to always dry and store marijuana properly. Some store it in airtight containers in the refrigerator to prevent fungal or bacterial infection.

Marijuana is not only known for its recreational benefits but also for its industrial, therapeutic and spiritual use. The drug as earlier stated is used by ancient cults in their ritual practices. The herb is also used for its medicinal effects such as reducing cancer treatment induced symptoms; treatment of chronic pain; treatment of muscle spasms; treatment of multiple sclerosis; and treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. THC and CBD both contribute to its therapeutic effects.