Online Yoga for Stress Management With Glo

Yoga is not any other exercise that you take simply because you want to burn a few calories. This activity goes beyond your physical wellness. It mainly focuses on your spiritual and emotional being to help you cleanse your mind and do away with stress, tension, and depression.

The best part is that with technological advancements, you can access online yoga and practice from anywhere and at any time, depending on your preference and schedule. With amazing programs such as Glo, you will have comprehensive sessions, just as you would from a physical class. Glo has been designed to offer you both physical and emotional nourishment and make you feel good about yourself by providing you unlimited access to online yoga.

With online yoga, you have no excuse for not taking at least a two hours session either at the beginning or end of your day. You can fully trust and rely on Glo as the providers are not only certified, but also, all their teachers are qualified professionals. The teachers will guide you with both expertise and encouragement to help you feel at ease. They offer a range of online yoga styles to help you stay healthy and minimize stress. Here are some of the yoga styles from Glo to help you fight stress.


Ashtanga is among the most common and preferred yoga styles, and it is all for the right reasons. The main reason why it is considered to be more effective than most techniques is that it integrates eight parts in each session. Each of the parts symbolizes a requirement for healthy and happy living. It demands you to breathe constructively throughout the session. Stress causes you to breathe rapidly, which results in more anxiety. Ashtanga provides you with a chance to breathe effectively, thus reducing tension. Breathing during yoga helps you to relax and let go of whatever you are going through.


Hatha incorporates slow motions, which are mostly designed to help you stay calm and gain a balance in life. The poses can be a bit challenging, but you are assured that if done right, you will be feeling much relaxed at the end of each session. Hatha incorporates lots of constructive breathing while holding poses for an extended period. The activity is soothing in a way with a calming effect on your entire system, especially with the forward bends.


This type of yoga focuses on precision to help you achieve a balance between strength, flexibility, and relaxation. It comprises of a sequence of asanas postures, which are a perfect way to meditate and connect with the soul. You can take breaks between each pose, and this makes Iyenger an ideal yoga practice for beginners and advanced individuals. The exercise allows both your body and mind to work together, thus releasing tension and helping you feel at ease. Iyengar is both therapeutic and restorative, and if done correctly, it provides you with healing, relaxation, a balanced and happy life.


This yoga practice combines meditation, asana posture, constructive breathing, and hand position. All these are meant to offer you a relaxation effect on your neurophysiology and physiology, which is an excellent way to fight stress. Kundalini yoga is also useful in strengthening your nerves, your mind, and developing a sense of will. The meditation poses help you release tension and let your body reconnect with the mind.

These are just a few of the online yoga practices you can access with Glo to help you manage stress. With professionals guiding you through each step, you will undoubtedly achieve the calmness and happiness that you are looking for. They can personalize the styles to match your preference. Their goal is to help you practice yoga from anywhere across the world while connecting with real people and have real conversations.