Key Considerations for Medicare Advantage Plans 2024

Are you someone who relies on Medicare benefits for your healthcare expenses? If yes, then you should be aware of the changes and new features that will be introduced in Medicare Advantage Plans 2024. These plans provide coverage beyond Original Medicare, including prescription drug coverage, vision, hearing, and dental benefits. With the new features, you can expect improved healthcare services and more flexibility in choosing your health providers. In this article, we will discuss the new features of Medicare Advantage Plans 2024 in detail.

More Flexibility and Choices:

In 2024, Medicare Advantage Plans will offer more flexibility in choosing healthcare providers. You will have the option to choose doctors outside your plan’s network with no extra costs, compared to previous years where you had limited choices and had to pay extra fees for out-of-network services. Moreover, you can switch healthcare providers anytime during the year without constraints. This change offers more convenience and control over your healthcare needs.

Expanded Telehealth Services:

With the onset of COVID-19, telehealth services have become the new normal for many patients. In 2024, Medicare Advantage Plans will expand the telehealth services they offer. Telehealth services are provided through phone calls, video calls, or other digital communication means to help connect patients with healthcare providers. This feature will provide more convenience to patients who live in remote areas, who cannot travel to healthcare clinics, or who prefer virtual appointments. Telehealth services are cost-efficient and could lead to better access to mental health services.

Improved Access to Medical Devices:

Medicare Advantage Plans 2024 will now cover some medical devices, including hearing aids, blood glucose monitors, and continuous glucose monitoring systems. Typically, original Medicare does not cover such devices, so this feature will be a significant advantage for those who require such devices regularly. Improved access to medical devices will be beneficial for patients who are suffering from chronic conditions, and it will minimize the financial burden on them.

Enhanced Dental Coverage:

Dental coverage under Medicare Advantage Plans 2024 will be expanded with the introduction of routine dental checkups, cleanings, and preventive services. As with original Medicare, dental coverage under some Medicare Advantage Plans is limited to emergencies and medically necessary services. With the improved coverage, you will gain access to basic and preventative dental care, which will help you maintain good oral health. Enhanced dental coverage is an important aspect of overall health improvement.

Customizable Supplemental Benefits:

Medicare Advantage Plans 2024 will give you the option to pick and choose your supplemental benefits according to your individual healthcare needs. Some of the benefits might include rides to medical appointments, assistance with grocery and meal delivery or home modifications to support aging in place. These benefits will be customizable according to your preferences, and they could cover services that original Medicare does not, such as vision, hearing, and fitness programs. The customizable supplemental benefits feature will assist in boosting overall health and quality of life.


Medicare Advantage Plans 2024 introduce new features and changes to improve the healthcare experience for beneficiaries. The new features will provide more control and flexibility in choosing healthcare providers and will offer better access to medical devices, dental care, and customizable supplemental benefits. These health benefits and personalized services offer a holistic approach to healthcare that goes beyond traditional hospitalization and treatment. The changes are significant and will help improve the overall well-being of beneficiaries who rely on Medicare benefits.