It’s very beneficial for us today that we have people who constantly work for the benefit of society and its people. These helpers are socially involved in spreading awareness, helping the poor and the rich to work against the evils of society.

There are multiple NGOs that strives and thrives for the people of the country. In the health department, they have an existential role to play. Not only do these social workers take action against crimes but they also influence people regarding the unknown diseases which the human race may suffer from.


  • They spread information about the rejected and unbelievable diseases in society.
  • Various workshops are held by them at different places.
  • They target the backward areas of society that are filled with uneducated people.
  • Teach the mass, about the importance of sanitation, the use of proper methods of hygiene and many such
  • There exist health-related schemes by the government which many people aren’t aware of. These workers make the mass aware of it.
  • They also go to the extent of providing shelter to the needy.
  • They fight against the government when they see a valid point.

Now, the question arises that what is the role of the responsible society towards these selfless helpers. Health is not a subject to be deterred with. Therefore, when we expect these beings to spread and popularize awareness among the public, it’s important to know if they have sufficient information about it or not?

Social workers should also be given education related to human health. Like, when people in society talk about spreading awareness about mental illness, the specialist doctors such as psychiatrists, psychologists, and many others should provide the natural details of the illness.

With these things kept in mind, today, we have online and offline courses available for these helpers to avail the correct and valid information that is to be spread around. These influencers are now being modified into professionals.

There was a time when people practically thought cancer was nothing but a rumour, but with the help of these striving social workers, cancer is a well-known contagious sickness which people are aware of. Today we have depressions, impotence, and many other conditions as a relevant problem that is constantly being ignored by the masses. There is precisely where the job of social workers comes into play.