Healthy Sleep: Its Importance and Remedies

Sleep is the darling of all living beings- we all need it more than anything, at the right time, and for the right time every day, but not every time, every day! A healthy lifestyle is defined by three major components in equal proportions: exercise, diet, and sleep. It’s no wonder to see some of the most active people are also some of the best sleepers. So how is sleep related to a healthy lifestyle? Let’s have a look. 

All living beings have set their own personalized sleep timings. For humans, the ideal time to sleep is night, and the ideal duration is 7-8 hours. This is the amount of time, a normal human body takes to recuperate and refuel, after daylong work. Like any electrical and mechanical device, the human body will show signs of weariness and eventually break down, if not given adequate rest. But interestingly, out of all the living beings, it is only the human species that is the victim of self-induced sleep disorders. There may be various reasons to this like, depression, unhealthy eating habits, coping up with the workload, etc. This takes a toll on a person’s health as well as general and emotional lifestyle.

Let us see, three simple remedies for healthy sleep:

A Productive Day: 

Believe it or not, nothing brings more joy to a person than a day well spent. Maximum productivity at any job a person does brings immense satisfaction and helps in a peaceful sleep. 

Emotional Balance: 

Most people can’t sleep at night because of some turbulence in relationships, which leads to emotional imbalance. The key to general and moral well-being is healthy relations. 

Natural Supplements: 

Some people find it hard to instill healthy sleeping habits by themselves and may need external help. These people go for prescription drugs. The downside of these drugs is that they contain sedatives and melatonin ( The hormone that helps sleep, which is naturally produced in the body). So they may help one sleep, but won’t be much help waking up, resulting in hangover and lethargy throughout the rest of the day.

An effective alternative to such drugs is natural supplements like Sheep Sleep reviewed. These supplements are blended of herbal derivatives like Decaffeinated Green Tea extract, vitamins like Vitamine B6, minerals like Magnesium, amino acids like L-Theanine and L-Tryptophan and molecules like 5-HTP. All these work together to decrease anxiety levels, in melatonin formation, stabilize mood, protein, and fat metabolism, resulting in a healthy sleep among other health benefits.

These three points practically encompass all the aspects of healthy sleep. Do keep them in mind, and Happy Sleeping!