Gastric sleeve surgery: requirements, procedure, and recovery

Gastric sleeve surgery is the most renowned bariatric surgery. But what makes this procedure so unique?

Gastric sleeve surgery in West Texas aids obese patients in reducing weight in the most secure and efficient way. Many studies have revealed that a large number of patients experience durable outcomes after the vertical sleeve gastrectomy. The surgeon performs this surgery using general anaesthesia that is a medicine that puts the patient into a deep sleep and needs a ventilator at the time of surgery.

In this procedure, the stomach is divided into two unequal portions. Almost 80 percent of the outer part of the patient’s tummy is removed. The edges of the leftover 20 percent are then stapled and sutured together.  This forms a banana-shaped stomach which is just around 25 percent of its real dimension. The patient stays in the operation theatre for about one or two hours. After the completion of the procedure, the patient will be shifted to the recovery room for post-surgery care.

How effective is a gastric sleeve?

Gastric sleeve surgery in West Texas assists the patients to reduce weight in two ways:

  1. The patient’s stomach is noticeably smaller, making the patient feel full or stop eating after a few bites. It ultimately means fewer calories per day.
  2. The stomach portion that makes ghrelin has been taken. Hence, the patient won’t be feeling hungry as they used to feel before.

What are the gastric sleeve requirements?

A gastric sleeve or any other type of weight-loss procedure is only recommended if an obese person is failed to lose weight even after working so hard. You may be considered to be the ideal candidate if you meet the gastric sleeve qualifications.

The patients are required certain qualification for weight loss surgery:

  1. Body mass index of 40 or above.
  2. Body mass index between 35 and 39 with at least one major obesity-linked ailment.

Is it hard to recover from sleeve gastrectomy?

Long-term recovery from gastric sleeve surgery can be achieved only if the patient follows specific guidelines from the specialists. For the first few months after the operation, the patient should go for regular health checkups. During this phase, the patient would witness that they have reduced a fair amount of weight. The patients are also advised to take rest or work from home for a couple of weeks after coming from the hospital.