Everything To Know About Cooking With Cannabis

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Are you planning to infuse cannabis in cooking? It is a lot easier than you think. Although using the tincture is one of the most suitable options for cooking, but it can turn out to be highly expensive. Using an oil base or butter for cooking with cannabis is common. While choosing a strain, you can look forward to a unique option, such as a strain containing high amount of CBD. You can also stick to the relaxing Indica or the energetic Sativa. Every strain for cooking is good but make sure to focus on a product with high terpene to maximize the health benefits. As far as the amount of cannabis to use is concerned, you need to stick to the requirement of the recipe. Checking the best customer service at dispensary can let you choose the perfect strain of weed for cooking.

Grinding the weed and choosing the oil

The tincture does not mix with water or oil readily, so you have to count on a high-fat oil, such as canola or coconut oil. Olive oil is also suitable, but the only catch is that it has a higher smoking ad boiling point. Amidst all the hullaballoo of selecting the cooking base, the basic thing to remember is the call of the dish you want to prepare. So, choosing the cooking strain depends largely on the kind of dish you want to prepare. For cooking with cannabis, you can choose different parts of the plant or the flower may be. No matter what you are planning to use as the cooking medium, it is necessary to grind the weed at first. Using a food processor or coffee grinder is the best option to make the weed fine before using it for cooking.

Putting cannabis in oil

When immersing cannabis in oil, you need to choose an appropriate ratio. For instance, with one part of cannabis, you can add three portions of oil. Putting the weed in oil allows it to dissolve properly but do not increase the heat too high as it can burn the weed.